Tragedy Strikes Father’s Day Event: Two Pilots Killed in WWII-Era Plane Crash


According to the Federal Aviation Administration, a plane from World War II crashed in California during Father’s Day festivities, killing the two pilots aboard.

The FAA reported that a twin-engine Lockheed 12A crash occurred shortly after leaving Chino Airport, California at 12:35 pm on Saturday, June 15.

Officials confirmed that two people were aboard the plane when it crashed. Officials said that no one was injured on the ground.

The authorities did not identify the victims, but two friends said that Frank Wright, Chief of Operations of the Yanks Air Museum, was one of them.

Wright was said to have participated in a Father’s Day panel discussion held at the museum just before the accident.

The witness described the crash to the station, saying that it “happened in front of me.”

The witness remembered the impact moment, stating that the plane had “nothing more than 300 feet” in the air when it began banking to the left.

The witness stated that “it took a nosedive and the first part to hit was the left wings.” “What happened was an immediate explosion.” “Like a big fireball and black smoke.”

Yanks Air Museum has released a press release and stated that they are working closely with the FAA in order to determine the cause of the crash.

Two people were killed in the crash of one of our aircraft in an unoccupied field, near Chino Airport. The museum stated that they are currently working with the FAA and local authorities.

The museum announced that it will be closed for the time being.

The museum stated that it will remain closed as long as necessary to allow our family time to deal with the tragedy. We appreciate your understanding and respect as we go through this difficult period.

FAA and National Transportation Safety Board are both investigating the cause of the accident.

The NTSB announced that a team of investigators would be on the scene Sunday and that the aircraft would be transported to a secure location for an investigation.