Train Derails Into Mississippi River Near Wisconsin-Iowa Border


Another train derailed near the Wisconsin-Iowa Border, along the Mississippi River. Around 12:15 local time, a BNSF Railway derailed train.

Fox News Digital reported that the BNSF Railway derailment happened near DeSoto at 12:15 p.m., local time.

BNSF released a statement that said “two of the three locomotives, and an undetermined number of cars carrying all types of freight are reported to have derailed on bluffside of the Mississippi River.” The main track in both directions is closed and there is no estimate of when it will reopen.

No serious injuries have been reported.

The company reported that all crew members had been accounted for. One member of the crew received a medical assessment. First responders from the locality were also present.

BNSF stated that company personnel was en route to scene, and that the cause of incident is being investigated.

Officials have said that there is no reason to evacuate the area at this time.

The train cars and locomotives were all derailed.

The derailment happened around 12:15 pm near the villages Ferryville, and De Soto. This is about 30 miles south from La Crosse. State Highway 35 along the Mississippi River has been closed at the Black Hawk Bridge.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office didn’t provide any additional information, but in a short statement posted on Facebook said that people did not need to evacuate.

It is a great relief for those who have been watching the aftermath of the derailment that occurred in East Palestine, Ohio back in February.