Transgender Activist Meets Biden in Oval Office, Says President Has Watched ‘Days of Girlhood’ TikTok Series


Interviews with President Joe Biden can be difficult to obtain and are rare. A report by the White House Transition Project shows that Biden only gave 28 interviews during his first year of office. This compares to 95 by Donald Trump and 162 by Barack Obama. George W. Bush had 50 interviews. Biden was without an interview for 220 days with an American television journalist in 2022. He finally met Scott Pelley, host of “60 Minutes”, in mid-September. Biden reportedly managed to squeeze in interviews with six young Oval Office employees.

NowThis – A progressive, video-centric news site for youth – was allegedly allowed access to Biden for interviews on Democrat-friendly topics like gun legislation, student loans relief, abortion access, Criminal Justice Reform, climate change, and trans right.

NowThis reported that President Joe Biden met with six young people to discuss solutions to the most pressing issues of their generation during the “NowThis Presidential Forum.”

Dylan Mulvaney, a transgender activist, will interview President Biden about trans rights. Mulvaney, a TikTok content creator aged 25, hosts a social media series called “Days of Girlhood” that discusses transitioning.

A TikTok video was posted on March 12 by a transgender activist who claimed she had become a “girl”. Mulvaney ridiculed negative stereotypes of females in the video by claiming that she had become a “girl” and cried all day.

The “dylanmulvaney” TikTok account has more than 8.3 million followers and over 267 million likes.

Mulvaney’s most popular viewer is President Joe Biden, who will turn 80 in less than a month.

Mulvaney revealed on Thursday that Mulvaney interviewed President Biden for NowThis. Trans activist Mulvaney noted that President Biden had viewed the “Days of Girlhood” series on Mulvaney’s transition to transgender.

It’s Day 222 of being a Girl. Mulvaney stated that she was in Washington D.C. and would like to meet the President of the United States. Mulvaney made the remarks on TikTok, a Chinese social media platform.

Mulvaney, wearing a “Don’t mess with trans children” shirt, said that he thinks he may have girl bosses too close to the sun. “Because Joe Biden and NowThis News allow me to sit down and ask him questions about trans issues in America and to talk with him about my transness. I just want to be a good representative of my community.”

Mulvaney said, “And you know, as silly and on here as I am, I am willing to step up to show that trans people that we’re never going anywhere and that trans children, they deserve a fighting opportunity to be their true selves,” Mulvaney added.

The transgender activist, dressed in a transgender outfit, wore white high heels and a pink scarf to meet President Biden.

Video of Mulvaney walking into the White House and seeing Michelle Obama’s portrait. Mulvaney then says, “Our queen, I love, you.”

President Biden allegedly gave the cookie to the transgender activist in the Oval Office.

Mulvaney was a fervent gushing about Biden’s dog.

Mulvaney stated that he left the meeting with “a lot of hope, optimism, and not just for trans people but for many other topics.”

The trans activist spoke out about Biden’s viewing of ‘Days of Girlhood,’ and said that it was an amazing feat.

“I’m not going to lie, I have had a tough time lately. Mulvaney said that there was a lot of darkness. Mulvaney added, “And today was all I needed to keep going.”

Mulvaney urged everyone to vote in midterm elections because they would “be one the most important elections of all our lifetimes.”

Mulvaney stated, “We’re going clean up some messes which have needed cleaning for hundreds and years.”

Biden’s interviews for NowThis are expected to be released Sunday night.

@dylanmulvaney Day 222- talking to the president at the White House with @nowthis (interview goes live on Sunday Night!) #trans #whitehouse #nowthisnews ♬ Presidential Honors (Entrance of The President) – USMMA Band

Mulvaney was involved in a controversy last week over cosmetics giant Ulta Beauty. Mulvaney was featured in an Ulta-sponsored video with David Lopez, a gender-fluid hairstylist. They discussed motherhood and girlhood.

Mulvaney stated, “I know that I can find love, and I know that I can still perform, and I know that I can have a child.” I would love to become a mother one day.

This controversial video caused outrage and many women pledged to boycott Ulta Beauty.

This isn’t the first time Biden’s White House has used social media influencers in order to reach young voters.

The Biden administration had announced earlier this month that it will use social media influencers “to combat scams and misinformation about the federal student loan debt relief program.”

The White House hosted TikTok creators in March to give a briefing about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Biden was featured in a TikTok video, in December 2021, with the Jonas Brothers, to promote COVID-19 vaccinations.

Benito Skinner (aka “Queer as Folk”) appeared in a video posing as Jen Psaki, former White House press secretary and pretended to be Benny Drama.