Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Real and It Needs to be Studied


Although the term “Trump Derangement Syndrom”, may have been created as a joke to describe Trump’s overreaction to hatred, it has become a reality after many years of people bending good judgment to reach this man. Scientists need to investigate this phenomenon in the future.

It’s something I see every day. As we get closer to 2024, I feel we will see it more often and in bigger ways.

The most well-known example right now is from Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney who lost her reelection bid by 37 points. The congresswoman seemed to forget that she was elected to represent Wyoming citizens and instead focused on taking down Trump through her Jan 6 committee. Although Cheney’s husband is represented by Cheney’s law firm in the grand jury probe, and Trump’s reelection could make her husband’s job even harder, her hatred for Trump seemed more personal than that.

Sam Harris, a podcast host, and modern philosopher said that Hunter Biden could have had dead children in the basement. He would dismiss it if it meant Trump wouldn’t be in office again. He also said that he was perfectly fine with any conspiracy to prevent Trump from being democratically elected.

It is also something I see on social media every day. Every disagreement with a leftist figure results in the same replies: “Trump-obsessed drone”, MAGA extremist, Trump-humper,” etc.

Trump seems to be all that they can think of. They can’t shake it. He could rescue their children and pets from a burning house and they would walk their family and themselves back to the fire to sabotage him. They would embrace dictatorial corruption of government to stop Harris from getting back in the office, just like Harris.

I won’t lie when I say that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of a few suicides if he wins in 2024.

Are Trump’s devoted fans obsessed with believing he is right? They’re annoying, too. Trump is not infallible and should not be considered such. While he has many faults, he did a great job as President. The differences in his success and the current president’s are stark when compared. It doesn’t matter who is better.

Some will create a fantasy world where Trump is a great evil, who has never done anything but great harm and will continue to do so in the future. He must be stopped at any cost, even if it means abandoning deeply held principles. This kind of mentality has been seen in my own life, but not on such a large scale.

In a decade, we will have left this age. I hope that scientists and clinical psychologists can study this moment. This is a shared madness, I believe. It has destroyed many people’s minds and relationships. They have become deluded and unreasonable. I hope that future generations will learn from this. I worry that this problem will continue to fester. I don’t want to see this get worse.