Trump Ditches Second Debate for Detroit Auto Workers Speech


The second Republican primary debate scheduled for September 27 in California will be skipped by former President Donald Trump. This decision comes after Donald Trump decided to skip the first Republican presidential primary debate in favor of an interview with former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson. He will instead give a speech in Metro Detroit to unionized car workers.

Trump’s trip will take place against the backdrop of a strike being conducted by the United Auto Workers against Ford Motor Co. General Motors Co. and Stellantis. Trump’s campaign seems to want to reach out to them by hosting an event of 500 people.

According to two Trump advisors who are aware of the plan, former president Donald J. Trump plans to visit Detroit the day before the next Republican Primary Debate, to intervene in the labor dispute between striking car workers and the nation’s largest auto manufacturers.

Trump will be delivering a speech in prime time to current and former members of the unions during his trip. This is Mr. Trump’s second primary debate skipping it for his own counterprogramming. He conducted an online interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson during the first G.O.P. debate. presidential debate in August.

The fact that Mr. Trump chose to visit Michigan only days after the United Auto Workers began their strike, shows how much he wants to be perceived as looking beyond his main rivals. He and his political machine are also already focusing on the possibility of another match with President Biden.

After learning of the news, Team Biden slammed the former president for “selling out” industry during his time as president.

Ammar Moussa is a press officer with Mr. Biden’s campaign. He said, “Donald Trump will be going to Michigan to lie to Michigan Workers and pretend that he hasn’t spent his entire failed presidential selling them out every time.

Mr. Biden has taken a stand in support of striking workers. He sent two of his top aides on a trip to Detroit and said at the White House – hours after the strike started – that “workers should receive a fair share” of the benefits created.

Shawn Fain expressed concern over the labor aspects of the transition to the electric vehicle. In a memo, Mr. Fain also said that Mr. Trump, if he were to return to the White House, would be “a disaster”.

Trump’s relationship with Detroit Three automakers was turbulent, to say it mildly, due to his harsh criticisms of the industry’s shift to electric cars and his prediction that this would lead to the loss of employment in the sector. Trump has also criticized President Joe Biden’s administration for providing incentives to companies for making the switch.

During an interview with NBC, the former president said that autoworkers “are being sold to the river by their leaders, and their leaders should support Trump.”

Trump skipped the previous debate citing his substantial lead in the polls over the other primary candidates. The same appears to be true for the upcoming discussion, as the former President is still leading by double digits.