UT-Austin Protesters Pepper-Sprayed by Police: Chaos Ensues as Demonstrators Are Removed


On Monday, some radical leftist Gaza demonstrators were punished at the University of Texas at Austin.

Last week they had attacked them, but now they are back.

The University finally had enough of these people. After tents were set up, the University Police issued a dispersal notice. Other police, including the Texas DPS, moved in to clear out the South Mall.

The following videos contain a lot of leftists cursing and crying.

At least 40 people were arrested after they dragged and picked up dozens of protesters. As the police drag out protesters one by one, they cower and scream. They shouted, “This is a peaceful protest!” and “Let them go!” They kicked and resisted arrest even while they were trying to resist.

One of them yelled: “What in the #$%^ are you doing?” No, sir. It’s not just the police who are the problem. You guys are the ones who have a problem with this.

This one was special. The police pulled someone away as they screamed “They’re choking me with my scarves !!!”

It didn’t seem like the police were doing anything but drama. It’s time for Columbia and other places to take action. If you hear someone call for a “medic”, it is probably not because she is choking.

When protesters blocked the vans that were taking the arrested people away, the police had no choice but to use pepper spray. If they were involved, they probably were trying to obstruct the police.

There was also this drama in which they treated the kid as if he had been blinded with a grenade, rather than just being sprayed with pepper spray.

What if people think they are tough because they get upset over something like this?

It looks like the protesters didn’t have a good day.