Trump DOJ Official Sounds Alarm Over Call To ‘Prosecute’ Social Media Users Spreading ‘Disinformation’


A spokesperson for Donald Trump’s Department of Justice told Daily Caller that the recent Letter to Attorney General Merrick Galrland asking for an investigation into social media users spreading “disinformation” about child sex-changes was part of the Biden DOJ “political operation.”

Garland was notified by the DOJ on Oct. 3, asking them to quickly investigate and prosecute any organizations, individuals and entities that have distributed misleading information about individual doctors and hospitals that perform irreversible sexual-change surgery for minors.

The American Medical Association, American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Children’s Hospital Association authored the letter. It specifically stated that “a few high-profile social media users” were responsible for spreading “disinformation” about child sex-change surgery, which has resulted in “bomb threats.”

Biden’s DOJ spokesperson told the Daily Caller that they “decline any further comment” about whether the DOJ plans on investigating the “social media users”, or anyone else mentioned by the letter. (RELATED – Journalists pledge to continue exposing child sexual change procedures despite calls for the DOJ to ‘prosecute them’

Alexei Woltornist was a former spokesperson for Trump’s DOJ. He told the Daily Caller that this letter “confirms” that even left-leaning people view the DOJ as a political operation.

Woltornist was asked by Woltornist what the DOJ should do regarding the letter. He stated that they should “focus on restoring their credibility” but that the perception of it as a “political operations” cannot be reversed with “simple spin or messaging”.

Journalists with high profile credentials have pledged that they will continue to expose the hospitals that allow minors access to irreversible genital surgery and puberty blockers.

Matt Walsh of The Daily Wire, one the most vocal opponents to gender ideology, said that “there is nothing they could threaten that would make it easy for me to give up on this fight.”

Colin Wright, a journalist, tweeted that he would not stop reporting on the atrocities committed against children in hospitals under the name of ‘gender affirming health care. ‘”

Christopher Rufo, a journalist, exposed the letter to DOJ and said: “I have a message from Attorney General Merrick Galrland: You can threaten us; mobilize the FBI against our; you could drag us out of your homes in a predawn raid. We will continue to report on the radical gender surgery of minors.