Trump Rails Against Pulitzer Committee After Jan. 6 Subpoena


Donald Trump, former President, criticized the Pulitzer Prize Board’s inability to retract the 2018 awards for reporting on Russia. This was the same day that the House Jan. 6 committee voted for him to be subpoenaed.
Trump released a statement from his Save America PAC calling the reporting of the New York Times & Washington Post “inaccurate and corrupt.”

“The Russia Russia Russia hoax is now completely debunked. It was incorrectly covered by fake news media, which reported exactly the opposite of what happened. The statement stated that the Pulitzer Board had not cancelled the Pulitzer Prizes they gave for inaccurate, corrupt and inept reporting. The Pulitzer Board should remove all prizes that were wrong in order to restore credibility and the Pulitzer Prizes’ credibility. It would also be appropriate to give new prizes to those who did it correctly.

A copy of a notice to the Pulitzer Board was also included in the post. It claimed that its statement supporting the 2018 awards has made it open to being held responsible for making a “defamatory” statement.

The board supported its 2018 award of the New York Times & Washington Post, stating that it had received inquiries from Trump and had ordered two independent reviews.

“Both reviews were performed by independent individuals without any connection to the institutions under review, nor any connection between them. According to a statement made in July, the separate reviews came up with the same conclusion: no passages, headlines, assertions, or contentions in any winning submission were discredited by facts which emerged after the awarding of the prizes.

According to its website, the 2018 Pulitzer Prize in National Reporting was given “for deeply sourced and relentlessly reported coverage in public interest that significantly advanced the nation’s understanding about Russian interference in 2016’s presidential election and its links to Trump’s transition team, his eventual administration”

Trump made his statement after Jan. 6th committee had held what could be its last hearing. The members unanimously voted for Trump to be subpoenaed. After that, Trump asked why the panel hadn’t taken this action months earlier. Trump called the review by the committee “a total BUST'” and said it only served to “further divide our country.”