Trump Team’s Secret Dinners with Far-Left Reporters Fuel DeSantis Feud


Politico reports that Donald Trump’s team dined out with left-wing journalists on Tuesday evening in preparation for the GOP Primary Debate (the former President will not attend).

SEEN IN MILWAUKEE – Team Trump dining and winning with a number of top reporters in a steakhouse named “Rare”, and handing out pudding snack packs to mock Ron DeSantis for his “pudding finger” story. They also passed out debate bingo cards as a slap at the Florida Governor. The squares were: “dismisses polls,” “wipes snot,” “red ears,” “Dee-Santis,” “Duh-Santis,” “flip flops on Social Security… again,” “woke” and “pudding mention.”

Who were there? Reporters Dana Bash and Shana Goldmacher; Kristen Welker; Bob Costa; Dasha Burns and Rachel Scott along with Chris LaCivita and Jason Miller. Team DeSantis members were seated across the street, just a few feet away.

The conversation, according to the report was centered on Ron DeSantis. This included the distribution of pudding cups to mock the Florida Governor. Also, bingo cards mocking DeSantis were given out.

It is unknown what was discussed at the dinner. It’s clear that CNN’s Dana Bash and CBS News’ Bob Costa as well as Shane Goldmacher from the Times, CBS News reporter Bob Costa and other reporters on the far left did not attend the dinner to discuss the weather. We do know that, on Wednesday, all of those reporters seemed to be singing from the same song sheet.

Bash’s CNN piece seemed to echo this narrative. He claimed that Trump was enjoying the “debate limelight.”

Goldmacher was also ready with a piece of slander against DeSantis the morning following the dinner.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence. I cautioned the Trump campaign to not be too conceited in their fight against DeSantis. I know that these reporters on the far left and Trump have a common enemy, but this primary will end. These far-left journalists will work overtime to help Trump and not to destroy him when the primary ends.

The current GOP frontrunner could be haunted by opening these doors to gain a short-term advantage, especially if access is as easily abused as it is used. Dana Bash, to put it simply, is not your friend.

Last but not least, let me just say I hope that this does not become a new trend. After all the time I spent fighting the mainstream media, you can imagine that I don’t want to see Republicans join forces with the far-left presses to attack other Republicans. It’s only worsened by the fact that it isn’t even necessary.