Trump’s Wisdom Hasn’t Completely Been Forgotten


How many times did the ex-president repeat this phrase? This was part of his stump speech. The admonition behind these words grew stronger with each passing year. When Dems retook the House in 2018, it became a constant truth and they began a scorched earth campaign to discredit Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s wisdom has a second side. Republicans are good people, but they are always fighting with each other and infighting. This often gives victory to the left, canceling each other out. One of the most memorable examples is John McCain’s “No” vote, which ended the GOP push to repeal Obamacare.

Republicans cannot have this now, the stakes are too high.

Last week, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema voted against Trump’s maxim and placed their elected offices at risk. They voted to not sully the Trump legacy and supported an extraordinary attempt to end the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation. This may have made sure that Republicans never won national office again.

America’s right cannot afford to relax and take a breath of relief. Keep your eyes open. We could be witnessing a plot to flood the electoral area with harvested ballots, which will be cast by corrupt people who will stop at nothing in order to gain power. Despite the filibuster defeat, Democrats will still attempt to bring socialism to America via COVID-19 and other beneficial crises.

It’s now this: Democrats claim that Joe Biden won 81 million votes, beating a sitting president who received more votes than any Republican candidate. However, they don’t believe they can win a fair and legal national election. They have proven time and again that they are afraid of a properly run election with voter ID, in-person voting, and scrupulous monitoring for vote tabulation.

In the minds of those who want to taint our nation’s formerly international system of voting and sever the Constitutional intentions, the propped-up villain is systematic racism and inherent white supremacism. This is actively seeking to nullify voting rights for people of color who are more likely than others to vote Democrat.

It is racist to claim that some people of color are too isolated or ignorant to find out how to register to vote and obtain an I.D. You can use your card to get to the polls and fill out an absentee vote or any other steps necessary for casting a legal ballot. Democrats are using a racist trope to describe America as existentially racist and want to drop ballots, like leaflets, for every passing unregistered alien, felon, or grim ballot harvester to mark and cast.

Good luck Donald Trump and any other GOP candidate with the votes of this godawful group.

But for two Democrat outliers, who are now undoubtedly getting death threats, and should be on the lookout in public restrooms, we could have been looking at the implementation of a big cornerstone–probably the most effective and destructive cornerstone–in the left’s foundational efforts to transform America into a giant, mortally-wounded Venezuela.

It’s not over. Cory Booker, a dog-faced pony soldier, has more plans. Pete “Parental leave” Buttigieg has returned to his desk. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is on the battle path. Michael Moore is stockpiling podcast topic ideas. The “Big Lie” that white supremacy is a threat to (unsettled climate change) after cities have been burned under the BLM banner by biased media will continue to be the truth.

They won’t stop trying to disenfranchise a nation’s legally-cast mandate and to install a Third Worldish socialist dominion within Washington’s halls.

Two Democrats, however. Two of them became exceptions to Trump’s warning about people who stick together.

The Democratic Party and its media must be able to write a disunity narrative across Republicanism’s face like graffiti on a subway wall. The Pelosi/Schumer nexus could not enjoy more disunity on right, as evidenced by the recent media-manufactured rift with Gov. DeSantis.

After the Senate and House are secured, the power levers will be retaken from the left. The unified stage for 2024 must be established. Republicans and conservatives need to show Democrats how it feels to stick together. Beaten will begin for those on the right who bring disunity to the mix.

Trump’s wisdom should guide conservatism to the midterms and beyond.