Tucker Carlson’s Twitter Monologue Earns Praise from Elon Musk, Resonates with Viewers


Carlson tweeted three episodes of his new show. Each tweet received a very large volume of views.

Carlson tweeted his third episode on Tuesday evening. The tweet has been viewed over 78 million times. Carlson’s second episode tweet has had more than 56 million views.

Carlson said in the third episode of the show that Washington’s Establishment is against Donald Trump due to his anti-war views. Carlson also claimed that Trump’s candidacy was the only one with a real chance of winning because he “dissents from Washington’s longstanding pointless program of war.” “They’re trying to get rid, just for this fact, of Trump before you cast your vote for him.

Elon Musk referred to Tucker Carlson’s most recent Twitter monologue as “Bold”. In a later tweet, he elaborated on Carlson’s remarks and suggested that they were an “attack against the Military-Industrial Complex”. Musk wrote that government contractors’ lobbying power was much greater than what it should have been to the benefit of citizens.

“Once again, I’d like to offer this platform to anyone on the left. You will get equal treatment,” he has also tweeted.

When retweeting Carlson’s second episode last week Musk noted that he would like to see Don Lemon and Rachel Maddow do shows on Twitter.

You can count on our full support. Musk wrote that “the digital town square” is open to everyone.