Ukrainian Drone Strike Damages Russian Navy Ship


A Ukrainian unmanned surface vessel (USV), early Friday morning, successfully attacked the Russian Black Sea Fleet Port of Novorossiysk. Olenegorski Gornjak, a Ropucha class landing ship (LST), was the target. A video shows an LST that is heavily damaged and accompanied by other vehicles. The video was released purporting to be the footage from the USV’s onboard camera. I am not able to verify its authenticity. The Russians claim that they have destroyed two USVs. However, close only counts for hand grenades and horseshoes.

Here are some additional videos showing a Ropucha class LST being towed and listing heavily port ward, which is the same location as the strike.

The Ropucha class is a landing ship that can land tanks. The Ropucha-class is a “Landing Ship, Tank” landing ship.

Novrossiysk, one of Russia’s two main Black Sea Fleet ports, is one of the largest ports in the Black Sea Basin.

The Russian Navy was only feces-incontinence after several Ukrainian USVs struck the Black Sea Fleet’s home port of Sevastopol.

The fact that Novorossiysk was never attacked before may have contributed to the success of the attack. However, the threat of an assault six months earlier prompted the order for all ships to leave the port.

This attack is a sign of an increase in OPTEMPO operations by USVs. Last week, Ukrainian USVs engaged two Russian corvettes that were escorting an armed freighter under the Russian flag south of Sevastopol.

The Russians are agitated by the event.

This is a quotation from the Ukraine Update on Thursday

General Sir Arthur Travers Harris, “Bomber”, said:

They entered the war with the childish belief that everyone would be bombed, but not them. They put into practice their rather naive idea in Rotterdam and London, Warsaw, and a half-dozen other places. The wind has been sown, and they will reap the whirlwind.

Over the past year, Ukrainian USVs have evolved in design. Even the older versions of Ukrainian USVs have enough power to damage any ship that they successfully attack.

The Russians have been forced to devote manpower and equipment in order to defend against threats that are mainly psychological and propaganda-based. The Russians have sent anti-aircraft units to Crimea, which could have been better deployed to protect railheads or troops assembly areas.