US House Passes Bill to End Tariffs on Chinese Solar Manufacturers


Despite objections from the Biden Administration, the House voted 221-202 to remove tariff protections for solar panels made by Chinese manufacturers granted under the Obama Administration.

The Chinese solar panel industry already dwarfs the U.S., and the need for a tariff — if there ever was a need — is gone.

Fox News Digital quoted House Minority Leader Tom Emmer (R-Minn). “Joe Biden’s decision to shield Communist China’s Solar Manufacturers against U.S. tariffs is yet another example of spinelessness by an already spineless Administration,” Emmer stated.

“House Republicans are continuing to lead, in a manner that the White House has failed to do.” “They work across the aisles and nullify this absurd rule. ”

Chinese cheating is already taking place.

Fox News:

Biden implemented a 24-month moratorium on the enforcement of solar panel anticircumvention duties, which were introduced by the Obama Administration in order to protect U.S. business. According to the White House, the move was “a bridge” that would allow businesses to build solar panel manufacturing capability on U.S. soil.

The Commerce Department released preliminary findings in December that showed four large solar companies had routed their products via Cambodia and Malaysia, to avoid tariffs.

The Commerce Department will publish its final report in May. This report will demonstrate that China has deliberately and actively avoided tariffs.

Biden isn’t bothered. The president said that he would veto every bill that reached his desk.

Bill Posey (R-Fla.) said in a Fox News Digital press release after the vote: “With every passing month, China is closer to dominating the solar markets, and making it more difficult for Americans to compete.” “The bipartisan vote held China accountable for violating our trade laws and was a major victory for American solar workers.”

The Florida Republican said: “The United States can and should focus its resources on developing their own capabilities to manufacture high-quality products for the solar sector and increasing American competition in the global marketplace.” “I want to thank all my colleagues for pushing this bipartisan legislation. ”

Chinese apologists in the U.S. Congress do not like Congress.

The Commerce Department’s investigation has allegedly had a chilling effect on solar supply chains and resulted in the loss of American jobs.

A number of environmental groups have also lobbied Congress to vote against the bill.

Tariffs on imported goods must be enforced. Make Chinese solar panels as expensive as products produced by U.S. firms instead of allowing them to enter the U.S.

There is a good reason for the need for a “solar panel exchange” among American manufacturers. It’s because both the Obama and Biden Administrations failed to enforce trading rules.