VA Supreme Court Rules Investigation Into Loudoun Co. School District Can Continue


Glen Youngkin and Loudoun County parents are starting the school year with a win.

Following the sexual assaults on a Loudoun County boy and then being moved to another school where he had committed another attack, Gov. Glen Youngkin issued an executive order for a grand jury investigation into Loudoun County Schools District. The Loudoun County School District filed a lawsuit to stop the investigation, claiming that it was not constitutional. WTOP reports that the school claimed that the grand jury had extended the scope of the investigation beyond illegal activities to include social media reports as well as transgender issues.

On Friday, the TV station reported that the Virginia Supreme Court had ruled that the grand jury’s investigation could continue. According to the station, the Virginia Supreme Court ruled that the grand jury investigation was not in violation of this provision. The school board will continue to supervise the schools of the county just as it did before. The constitutional power to manage a school district doesn’t give rise to immunity from criminal law violations.

The Governor’s Office issued the following statement.

RICHMOND (VA) – Governor Glenn Youngkin issued the following statement today regarding the Virginia Supreme Court Ruling on the Loudoun County Investigation

“Today’s ruling by Virginia’s Supreme Court to uphold our investigation in Loudoun is a victory for parents, teachers, and students. After the Loudoun County School Board failed to address sexual assault incidents in their district, were not held accountable for their actions and continuously let down students and parents in Virginia, I signed an executive order on my first day in office authorizing an investigation by Attorney General Miyares into the Loudoun County Public Schools,” said Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The district said it was disappointed by the decision but would continue to cooperate.