Viral: Man Decides Against Second Chance for ‘Cheating Wife’


Reddit received over 4,500 responses. The opinions of commenters were varied.

More than 4,500 people replied and 4,000 left comments on the social media posting of a man, who said he would not forgive his wife for “cheating” on him because she went on a girl’s trip and ended with another guy.

His post was titled “Am I wrong to not give my cheating partner another chance?”

A man shared his story on the Reddit “Am I Right” page and revealed that he was 39 years old while his wife was only 33.

According to “HippoOK9111,” the couple has been married for 10 years. They have a girl aged seven.

He told me she “went on a girls’ trip” recently. I was not worried.”

She has never done anything to cause me concern, and she didn’t even plan on going abroad.

He told her that she was going to Butlins, a seaside resort chain in Britain.

He stated that she “went with her sister and other girls”.

She had spent only one night of a three-night holiday.

The battle is not over yet.

He wrote, “She called me this morning. I thought she was checking in. The vacation had only lasted three nights.”

When he picked up the telephone, his wife “was crying, and incoherent.”

After I calmed the woman down, she told me she had slept with another person the previous night.

A man answered the phone and reported that his wife was “crying” and “incoherent”. (iStock)

A Reddit user revealed the details that his wife had reportedly told her husband.

She believed they would just “flirt and dance” together, but he allegedly got her to kiss him. This led to them having sex. Then she asked him to drive her back to the resort, where they had sex.

He went on to say that she had lied and told him she was divorced, claiming the man “was supposedly 10 years older”. She says she doesn’t know what happened. But she got carried away when she tried to “see if the relationship still worked”.

“Am I wrong not to even think about forgiving her?”

He said, “I want her gone. She begs me not to do it and offers marriage counseling, saying that I will never drink, go out, etc.”

I have always been a person who has given you one chance. He told me to ignore her and I ignored him. Her sister and her friends have also called me.

“I just want to be left alone,” he said.

“She told me to think about my family” when the husband told her mother of the drama. She said my wife was sincere and didn’t try to hide anything.

A person commented, “No decisions are needed now because it just happened,” about the drama between the couple. (Not shown) You will experience different emotions every day and week.

The husband said, “I am feeling as if I’m insane.” “Am I wrong not to even consider forgiving this woman?”

In a long update to his original post, the man wrote “My Mother still thinks I should not forgive her…She loves me.” “She just wants to be sure that everything’s OK.”

He wrote, “My daughter is still in shock. I don’t have any idea what to say.”

The opinion expressed by others reflects the sentiments of many: “Say goodbye… If you let it, it will happen again and again.”

A person with a completely different perspective wrote, and was backed up by others as well: “Marriage counseling for sure.” You can move on from this.

The husband stated, “I’ve always believed that people deserve a second chance.” (Not shown). Thousands have expressed their opinions about the relationship drama.

This commenter was a bit more tolerant. “Take your time, and think about it.” It’s not necessary to make a decision immediately if you just experienced something.

“As you wait, let the time filter all of your anger, disgust, and disappointment and see what’s left.” said the same commenter.

Kathy Nickerson, a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of California, has been a marriage and relationship counselor at more than 70 conferences. She believes most people cheating on their partner do so to cope with the pain.

In her blog, she wrote about the feelings of those who have been betrayed by a spouse or partner. She described them as “shocked and devastated” and “betrayed and horrified.” You may be “blinded, deeply hurt, stunned, betrayed, and horrified.”

“You’re hurting, but not insane,” said the California psychologist.