Washington State Man Turns Himself In After Killing His Mother


A Washington state man was arrested for allegedly killing his mother after he turned himself in with “blood on his hands,” police said.

According to the Island County Sheriff’s Department (ICSD), at around 10:49 a.m., an anonymous person called 911 to report that a man walking on the street approached them, said he had committed a crime, and wanted to report it.

The caller said that the man had “blood on his hand.”

According to the ICSD, when deputies arrived on the scene they discovered a man with blood stains and dried blood on his pants.

The man said that he and his mother lived in a camper trailer a short distance from each other. His mother had died.

According to the police, the man told them he had assaulted his mom, he described the injuries and weapons that he used, as well as where he placed them.

The deputy went to the trailer and started investigating the claims of the man.

The deputy knocked at the door of the trailer park and waited to hear a response. He went into the house and discovered an adult woman on the floor.

Police said that the deputy observed blood on the right side neck and on the floor.

The woman’s body was found unresponsive and was declared dead on the spot.

Deputies arrested the 32-year-old man and booked him in the Island County Jail under suspicion of second-degree murder.

Island County Coroner will not release the victim’s identity until he has notified his next of kin.