What Joe Biden and the Media Don’t Want You to Know About the Bused Migrants


With amusement and perplexity, I watched the main media fight over Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis delivered planeloads of illegal immigrants to Texas Gov. and Martha’s Vineyard, with illegal immigrants. Greg Abbott also sent more to Kamala Harris (Vice President of the United States), just days after Kamala Harris falsely claimed that the southern border is “secure”.

See the reactions of CNN’s morning team to the freakout:

I don’t think anyone knew Martha’s Vineyard was the new Auschwitz.

The reasons for DeSantis’ and Abbott’s actions, and their responses to the Biden administration’s absence of border security policies one year ago, will not be covered in the majority of these stories.

Let’s start with Abbott. In April, he announced his charter bus policy to transport illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C., “To assist local officials who are being overloaded by the hordes of illegal immigrants being dropped off at Biden administration.” (emphasis mine)

Several months later, Abbott added New York City and Chicago to the list of illegal immigrants that the Biden administration was maintaining in Texas. This has sparked a public spat between Lori Lightfoot from Chicago and Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City. Lightfoot rightly noted that both cities were declared “sanctuary” cities by illegal immigrants.

Larry Keefe, DeSantis’ public security czar, stated that 70 illegal immigrants had been flown into Jacksonville over several months. They arrived when they thought no one would notice. Keefe stated to the Examiner that no one from DHS, DOJ or any other federal agency would give Florida any information regarding the oversight of these flights.

DeSantis replied by promising, like Abbott, that he would send them to Democrat-run parts of the country. DeSantis had previously mentioned that he would bus the men to Biden’s home in Delaware.

DeSantis/Abbot flew illegals from their states to protest the Biden administration’s decision not to dump them in theirs.

It turns out that illegal immigrants are being flown into New York City and New Jersey by the Biden administration as early as spring 2012.

The Post exposed the White House’s secret charter flights for minor migrants to a suburban airport north of New York City last year.

The Post saw a group of migrants board an Avelo Airlines plane from Westchester County Airport near White Plains, on Thursday at 9:25 pm. Then they boarded three waiting buses that left approximately 50 minutes later.

One bus was taken to Cherry Hill, NJ, Walt Whitman Service Area. It is located across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. They took their bags out of the baggage compartment, and then they left the bus with the adults who were waiting for them.

A source from Immigration and Customs Enforcement said that no matter what happened in Westchester, “flights never stopped at” other airports throughout the country (like Pennsylvania).

This has also been reported in Indiana, Iowa, and Tennessee for over a year.

This is the next step (from June 2021).

While it seems okay for illegal immigrants from the Biden administration to be thrown across the country, when DeSantis or Abbott do it, it becomes “sickly and dehumanizing” and a modern Auschwitz.

Democrats and their media defenders are now exposing their true colors. They are extremely resource-limited. Once they reach the blue states, it is both reprehensible and dangerous. This is except for the Biden administration, which does it under cover of darkness.

However, there’s still one question after the Illegal Immigrant Shuffle.

Maybe there will be an alligator, drawbridge, or another mechanism.