Whoopi Spreads Idiotic Idea About Gay People Dying Because Religious Doctors Won’t See Them


Christians again criticized Whoopi Goldberg Wednesday. She is affectionately known as “religious persons” or “religious people”. She also lied about the horrible injustices that evil Christians have done to the LGBT community, lying to her viewers.

Whoopi claimed that some gays died from the refusal of religious doctors to provide them with care.

NewsBusters reported That Whoopi took a ride aboard the train while she was in the Senate discussing the Respect for Marriage Act. Twelve Republicans voted with the 49 Democrats, 61 to 36. She was ranting against Christian doctors who she claimed don’t have “to draw a straight line” about providing medical care.

We’ll return to her later.

What do you know that we need to talk about? What should we do?

It’s not your right to tell me that you are a doctor, but refuse to see me because I’m gay.

Who’s right to life do you mean? This distinction is not made.

Obergefell v. Hodges ruled that the Respect for Marriage Act (“codified,” “enshrined” and “codify”) is valid. It prohibits states to refuse “out-of-state marriages on grounds of sex or race, national origin.”

Alyssa Farah was the cohost of Token Republican and found Goldberg’s “logic” illogical.

People often view them differently. If you are involved in an ideological or religious conflict, it is quite different to say equal protection.

This truly sent Whoopi’s crazy, illogical train off its tracks.

What does a pro-lifer think about war?

Co-hosts, race-hustler extraordinaire, Sunny Hostin, and distinguished Mensa member [sarc] Joy Behar, then babbled on about the (non-mutually-exclusive) “hypocrisy” of Christian doctors who oppose abortion in favor of the right to life, with Hostin brilliantly [sarc] saying:

It is a little hypocritical because the Republican Party has lost touch with the country. Joy, it is clear that most Americans support safe abortions but with restrictions.

Uh-huh. Now, Goldberg is almost screaming.

I get frustrated when people don’t believe what I believe. I will be back.

Don’t “piss off Whoopi”, especially when she’s in the middle of making a fool out of herself.

Intense and intelligent “debate” at its finest.

I’m not going to rain on Whoopi and her antichristian parades. But I did my research and found some facts about her in both Indiana and Ohio.

Individuals or businesses can use Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act to claim that religious freedom is being severely restricted. Mike Pence, the then-Indiana Governor signed the bill into law.

Ohio’s religious exemption law also allows doctors to refuse treatment to LGBTQ patients on the basis of “moral grounds”. In addition, similar laws exist in Arkansas, South Dakota, and Montana, with the trend growing among states with Republican-controlled legislatures.

But, Whoopi continues to vehemently ramble on about a topic she doesn’t understand. These examples prove that doctors who refuse treatment for religious reasons don’t violate the Hippocratic Oath.

The House will vote on the Respect of Marriage Act legislation. I reported in late July that the Democrat-controlled House voted to approve a similar bill as a kneejerk reaction to Roe v. Wade being canceled by the U.S. Supreme Court.


Leftists accusing conservatives of moral hypocrisy is the most absurd and frustrating thing about this absurdity.

The left side is also totally unaware of their self-awareness or giving a damn when they do this.