Why Didn’t the Judge in Trump’s D.C. Arraignment Refer to Him as ‘Former President’?


The judge who presided over the arraignment of former President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., regarding the protests on Jan. 6, 2021, addressed the former president by the title “Mr. Trump”.

Moxila Upadhyaya, a U.S. Magistrate judge, did not refer to Trump by his presidential title.

After the news broke about the judge’s remark towards Trump, social media was in a frenzy.

The greeting led people to wonder if Trump was in deeper waters as his case progressed.

John Santucci, ABC’s Executive Editorial Producer, tweeted: “I know Trump loves being called Mr. President now”.

“Every other president would have been addressed as ‘President’ not ‘Mr.’… Let’s be real,” Daily Caller’s chief national correspondent Henry Rodgers wrote.

Trump’s attorneys reportedly said to the judge, “President Trump was present,” and the judge replied, “Good afternoon, Mr. Trump.”

The judge may have been following protocol despite all the criticism on social media. “Mr. “Mr. President” is reserved for the person currently holding the office.

Trump was processed in court. This means that his fingerprints and personal information were collected.

Trump was, as one might expect, furious at Special Counsel Jack Smith for indicting the former president. Trump, according to reports, knocked the table with his hands clasped for several seconds before Judge Upadhyaya arrived.

She asked Trump to state his name and age when the judge entered the courtroom.

Trump replied, “Yes, Your Honor, Donald J. Trump. John.” The former president responded, “Seventy-seven.”

The judge read Trump’s charges as he listened attentively. Trump pleaded not guilty.

The former president faces the possibility of life in prison or even death if convicted on four criminal charges.

The next hearing was set for August 28, five days following the first GOP primaries debate. What a coincidence.

Trump made a few remarks about his case as he boarded his plane from Reagan National Airport after leaving the courtroom in Washington, D.C.

He said, “This is a sad day for America.” Trump flew then to his Bedminster golf course in New Jersey.

The former president was spotted crashing a wedding hours after leaving D.C., where he was met with chants of “USA, USA, USA.”

Benny Johnson, a conservative commentator, tweeted: “Trump crashes a wedding in his club after he was ‘arrested for the 40,000th’ time by the Machine.”