Yellen’s Shocking Revelation: Shatters Biden’s Inflation Claims with Astounding Comment


For so many years, “Bidenflation” and “Bidenomics” have caused a lot of people to feel crushed. It’s one of the main reasons Joe Biden’s numbers have tanked in terms of approval, particularly when it comes to the economy.

The Biden team first denied the reality, claiming that the inflation was “transitory.” They then claimed that Joe Biden was not responsible for the inflation, despite spending excessively. They blamed Russia, greedy corporations, and others.

Biden claims that prices are dropping and takes credit for this, even though they are still higher than when he first came into office. In his most recent remarks in South Carolina, he blamed greedy corporations as well for Bidenflation.

This is the shtick that he has been using at his campaign events. Of course, this is a problem because the American public knows that his words do not match what they are spending each month on food, and other necessities.

Biden is trying hard to convince us that he will do everything he can to fix what he has broken, but no one believes him. He doesn’t understand the problem. He may know the truth, but he wants to make us believe a lie.

Treasury Janet Yellen has just thrown him under the bus by what she said about inflation. ABC asked her how she could convince people the prices would not return to their pre-pandemic levels. This is a shocking statement, especially when you consider what Biden says now.

“Well, I’m sure most Americans are aware that prices will not fall,” Yellen stated. It’s not the Fed’s goal to get prices back where they were.


Sorry, just accept we broke everything.

What does Biden say to us? What is the Fed trying to achieve with these higher interest rates, which are also a problem now? Do these people check their statements with each other? Does anyone know anything? Do they keep on talking hoping that we will not notice?

They should play this repeatedly during the general elections, in contrast to what Biden said. This will make it clear why Biden is not worth voting for, both for this reason and so many others. They don’t know what they are doing or saying. Why would anyone vote for these people, who seem to be unable to do anything right?