You Are Being Rude!: AOC Struggles When Confronted At Town Hall About War


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), struggled Wednesday night at a town-hall event when two people confronted her about allegedly supporting nuclear warfare.

Jose Vega captioned the interaction with Congresswoman [AOC]: “My friend @Noggatone, I confronted Congresswoman on her support of Nuclear War and Ukrainian Nazis,” Jose Vega said.

He said, “I call her out because she is a coward when it comes to the party that will push us all into Nuclear War right now.” “Will she be like Tulsi Gabbard and fight for peace?”

AOC complained that protesters moved ahead of them to ask their questions. AOC also complained that the elected official told the men she would address this issue “last.” However, the video from the live-streamed town hall does not show the Democrats addressing these concerns.

“Tulsi Gabbard has left the Democratic Party as they are war hawks,” one protester said to Timcast. Timcast first reported this. “You ran as an outsider!” You’ve been voting for this war in Ukraine, even though you ran as an outsider!

He demanded, “Why aren’t you playing with American citizens’ lives?” “You are playing with our lives!”

“You voted for mobilization and money transfer to the Ukrainian Nazis,” Vega yelled. “You are a coward!”

AOC can be heard in the streamed video scolding men for being rude and not respecting their neighbors.

She said that “I’m asking you not to respect me” and added that the men should “respect” each other.

“You are being rude!” AOC corrected another point and added, “of course, I’m against it,” presumably referring to nuclear warfare.

This clip circulated online on Wednesday night. Michael Tracey, a journalist, said, “First time I have seen any high-profile ‘progressive” figure challenge their rabidly pro-war policies they’ve supported without reservation over eight months.”

Timcast was told by Vega that he is not Left or Right-wing and that the issue goes beyond political parties.

He said, “Congress is currently in recess until after the elections.” “Everyone should locate their representative and tell him that nuclear war is the only option. No matter what beliefs you may have, people must speak out against war mobilization.

AOC was also pressed by a retired firefighter on her immigration stance, while another constituent asked about rising crime, with apparently no consequences.

WATCH (relevant comments start at the 50-minute mark)