You Won’t Need COVID Tests By The Time They Get Here


We have been covering all of the lies and twists that the Biden team has made regarding COVID testing.

We wanted to let you know that the Biden Administration now has its website. This allows you to order COVID test kits and have them delivered free of charge to your home. However, you won’t be able order until next week (January 19).

There are some caveats, as is the case with all things Biden.

First, you can only take four tests per household. If you have more than two people living in your house or need to take more tests than the four you are allowed to, you might be out of luck.

The White House stated that it would prioritize tests and send them first to those who are most vulnerable and in communities where there has been a high proportion of COVID-19 deaths and cases, especially during the omicron surge.

The second, and most surprising, is that they ship first class within 7-12 business days of your order. You will notice that it says “ship” and not necessarily deliver. If the purpose of the test is to determine if someone has the virus, it could be too late. It won’t arrive in a timely fashion. This makes the method obsolete.

It was immediately noticed by people.

This will lead to people realizing that they can pre-order tests and then crash the site when it opens. That is not how you are supposed to use the tests. So I wouldn’t put my money on the 7-12 days it takes to open. The tests are supposed to be used if people have cause/reason/symptoms — not just for people to randomly test themselves. There will always be scams to get around it, and some will shanghai for their own profit.

There are many questions regarding the utility of testing. They should have been focusing more on effective treatments. They’re making it worse by not being able to adapt to the situation using simple rules. They should have formed a partnership with pharmacies if they wanted to make testing the mainstay of their work. This would ensure that they could have them on hand when they needed them. This would have been the easiest thing.

You can click around their website to learn how you can become a member of the COVID community corp to spread the religion to people to get vaccinated. High school students, 16 and over, are being reached out by the organization to help them preach to their peers.

Here’s a prediction. Come back to me on January 19, as we’ll be discussing the problems with the site. These are Obamacare people, and I suspect I’m not alone in having a long-term memory of the whole thing.