10 Killed in Malaysia Jet Crash


Reports say that at least 10 people died in Malaysia after a private plane collided with both a motorcycle and a car as it tried to land near Kuala Lumpur.

A video taken by a nearby surveillance camera showed the plane descending sharply before crashing into the ground and causing a large fireball.

The camera was shaken by the soundwave from the impact.

According to Reuters, local police chief Hussein Omar Khan informed reporters that the Beechcraft Model 390 crashed at around 2 p.m. with six passengers and two members of the crew.

According to him, the plane lost contact with an air traffic control tower before crashing onto a highway.

Omar is quoted as saying “There was not an emergency call. The aircraft was cleared to land.”

Reuters, citing official sources, reported that the plane hit a motorcycle and a car as it was trying to land.

According to Reuters, Malaysia’s Civil Aviation Authority confirmed that the plane left the island of Langkawi on its way to the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport.

Norazman Mahmud said that the chief executive of the authority, Norazman Mahmud made a statement stating, “At 2.51 p.m. the Subang Air Traffic Control Tower noticed smoke coming from the crash site, but the aircraft did not make a mayday call.”

Reuters reported that the flight was operated privately by Jet Valet. Local media cited Jet Valet as stating it would cooperate with any investigation into the accident.

Reuters published images of a darkened area with debris strewn across a two-lane highway following the accident.

Emergency vehicles were seen blocking the road.

One of the images shows a tarp placed over one of the victims.

The cause of this crash is not yet known.

According to ViralPress, the driver of the motorcycle that was hit by the plane during its crash landing and killed was in flames.