Biden’s ‘No Empathy’ Remark on Maui Continues


Joe Biden was rightfully criticized for his callous “no comments” on Sunday when asked about Maui’s growing death toll. Biden spoke out publicly about the fire for the first ever time on Tuesday, announcing that he was going to Hawaii. He then seemed to forget that Maui was the area affected, and he could not seem to remember. This also makes people doubt his focus or concern for what is happening.

You’d think he had learned his lesson. Joe Biden is a man who repeats the same lies over and over. He doesn’t know how to change his bad behavior.

Biden was asked about his Hawaii trip on Thursday. His administration announced that it would be Monday, after a vacation in Lake Tahoe. “Can you tell me about your Hawaii trip sir?” He was asked this question by a journalist.

How complicated can a simple answer to this question be? It would have been simple to say, “We will do everything we can to assist the people. Thank you.” He couldn’t, or wouldn’t.

He replied with a short “No, not right now.” “I will be leaving, and I will be back on Monday.”

A reporter almost seemed to try to help with the prompt “Why is going important to you?”

Biden did not take the hint and turned around and left.

He seemed almost annoyed that he had been asked. Does he understand that this is the type of question you should never say “no” to? He hasn’t been briefed yet on the trip and doesn’t have notes. So he was told to just avoid all questions until he is? If that’s true, he is truly lost if he can’t even muster some empathy. It’s frightening that the answer could be “no” and that he doesn’t know what to tell reporters about his trip.

The reporters did not push him; they thanked him even for his non-answer and didn’t question why he had refused to answer.

Some people have noted that the expression of Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House Press secretary’s face, was quite different. It was as if she didn’t want to be there.

Biden left for Camp David on a Thursday and was supposed to depart from Camp David towards Lake Tahoe on a Friday. The extent to which his Tahoe vacation is affected by his trip to Hawaii on Monday is not known. He may be upset because the trip is disrupted.