17 Time Repeat Offender Yells Racial Slurs, Stabs Two Teens in NYC


On Christmas Day, a criminal who was let out of prison 17 times, stabbed two teenagers in New York City. Steven Hutcherson was described as a homeless vagrant who yelled “I want to kill all white people” at the time of the tragic incident. At the time, two teenagers were having breakfast with their families.

Authorities said that a troubled vagrant randomly knifed two teenage girls who were enjoying Christmas breakfast with their parents in a restaurant at Grand Central Terminal — after ranting about wanting “all white people to die.”

Police and sources confirmed that the girls, who were visiting from South America at the time, suffered non-life-threatening stab injuries. They were attacked by a group of 14 and 16-year-olds in Tartinery, located within Grand Central Dining Concourse, around 11:25 am on Monday.

According to police sources, Steven Hutcherson (36), the suspect, allegedly shouted “I want the death of all white people.” “I want to be seated next to the crackers.”

Police and an official source claimed that he then lunged at the teens. He stabbed the younger girl’s thigh and plunged a knife into the back of the 16-year-old, cutting her lungs.

Hutcherson was arrested two weeks earlier for illegal weapons possession and threats. He was released from jail by New York City’s bail reform laws, but this time he snapped. Hutcherson’s target expressed his anger that he was released.

Yussif Abdallah, 46, became outraged when he learned that Steven Hutcherson had been released by a Bronx court judge, just two weeks before his alleged random slashing of a 14-year-old girl and her sister, 16, while they were enjoying a Christmas Day dinner with their family in a restaurant on the Grand Central concourse.

“They shouldn’t have let him out [of jail]. I don’t believe it,” he told The Post.

Hutcherson, a homeless man who had a long rap sheet as well as a history of mental illness, then turned his anger on Abdullahi and yelled: “Why do you work for white people?” “I’m going to kill this man!”

“I’m gonna shoot you. Hutcherson, according to a criminal complaint filed against him, said: “I don’t give a damn what type of green card you got from the government.” “Open up your mouth and say something.” “I will shoot you now.”

Hutcherson was not jailed after the altercation by a judge, even though he had a long list of raps. The two teenagers will never be the same, even though they were fortunately able to survive the ordeal. It’s a frustrating situation.

These bail reform laws have destroyed any semblance that there was safety in these large cities. Hutcherson’s racist tendencies are evident from the above incidents, but his mental illness and derangement are also apparent. What city would want to let him roam the streets and pose a danger to innocent people? You can’t let a criminal with a violent rage go for too long before they do something more serious.

How did we arrive at this point? This question is rhetorical because I believe we are in this situation due to voters who decided that virtue signaling by “reform” prosecutors was more important than basic safety. That includes these mentally ill people who also suffer from no consequences. It would be best to reinstate the forced commitments of repeat offenders. Libertarians are indeed against this, but it is necessary to have some basic safeguards in society. Without them, chaos will reign, and chaos leads to worse things.

Residents of New York City and other cities that have “bail reforms” (Los Angeles or Chicago, for example) need to wake up. It’s not going to improve. Vote now to save yourself or watch as your cities continue to crumble.