Things Get Creepy When Joe and Jill Biden Visit D.C. Children’s Hospital


The Brandon entity and its wife, Lady Dr. Jill, visited a D.C. children’s hospital 3 days before Christmas, and as one would expect, things got real strange real fast.


The president and first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, met on Friday with children at Children’s National Hospital (CNH) in Washington. This was a continuation of a long-standing holiday tradition.

The first couple, wearing cloth masks, met pediatric patients, their parents, and hospital staff. They also greeted leadership and workers in the emergency department. Before the Bidens met with the children and families in the cardiac intensive unit, Dr. Biden had read “The Snowy Day”, by Ezra Jack Keats.

After reading, she thanked everyone for attending and had the president hold the books, while Biden sneered, “It is my job.”

The president then added a final message to the parents present, telling them, “All you parents, stay strong.” We also spent a lot of time with children in hospitals. It will be okay.

Brandon asks one of the kids to sit on his lap after Lady Dr. Jill finishes reading. After her husband stares into space with sugar plums in his mind for several minutes, Brandon invites him for an exclusive time at the White House. “Get up here, sit on my lap.”


Imagine yourself as one of Brandon’s handlers. You only need ten minutes of semi-normal behavior per day from your charge for his short public appearances. The wife will be reading the book. It’s his job to be quiet, not creepy, and finish things with some niceties. You will go through the protocol in detail after he is properly medicated and has opened his eyes. Even that is asking too much, and you are blamed when things go wrong.

No one could watch this compilation without concluding that there is something very wrong.

Parents who continue to subject their children to Joseph, despite all the evidence of his predatory nature in public, including the contents of her daughter’s diaries in which she complains about the psychological damage caused to her by the father’s showering her with affection, are being negligent.

Daily Mail: learned that the FBI is investigating a Florida woman who discovered Ashley Biden’s diary. The investigation is not being conducted because the woman stole the journal, but rather for selling it.

Ashley speculates in her diary that she may have developed a sex problem because of her experience showering with Joe Biden as a child.

She wrote, ‘I recall having sex at a young age with friends; showers with my dad (probably inappropriate),’ in a journal entry from January 2019.

One angle is this: How many of these children ended up in cardiac intensive care at the hospital due to myocarditis caused by Brandon’s cruel COVID mandates targeting children, despite the statistically insignificant risk that they would get serious illness from SARS-CoV-2?

Perhaps his wife could read the children’s story to them next Halloween.