2 Dead as Strong Earthquake Shakes Northern California, Widespread Damage Reported


On Tuesday morning, a powerful earthquake of 6.4 magnitudes rocked Humbolt County in northern California. According to the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, two people were reported dead and 11 others were injured.

According to PG&E.gov., more than 70,000 people are without power. Newsom activated the Level One Governor’s Office of Emergency Services, Cal OES disaster response. Level One activation refers to “the initial activation in any major emergency requiring extreme state level help”. It “involves the complete activation of all organizational elements at full-staffing and all Emergency Support Functions.”

NBC reported that the initial 6.4 magnitude earthquake was followed up by “dozens” of aftershocks. Officials advise residents to inspect their homes and businesses for any damage, such as damage to gas lines. Residents are advised to remain vigilant as strong aftershocks or landslides could occur in the next few hours. Even though Tuesday’s earthquake epicenter was many miles away, no tsunami warnings or reports were made.

Caltrans engineers and incident response teams inspected hundreds upon hundreds of bridges and major structures in northern California on Tuesday morning to ensure motorist safety. Although most roads remain open, the Ferndale bridge and main road were closed due to safety concerns and seismic damage. You can find the most current information about road conditions and closures here.

The Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services couldn’t stream a Tuesday afternoon press conference “due to limited connectivity with cellular services after the earthquake.” However, the press conference will be uploaded as soon as possible.

Keep checking back for more updates because this is an ongoing story.