Report on Trump Tax Returns Has Been Released, Here’s the Big ‘Bombshell’ the Press Is Obsessing Over


There has never been a more stupid national obsession than that over Donald Trump’s tax returns. Despite having all the IRS tax returns over the years, the media and its Democrat allies believe that Trump was illegally conspiring with foreign countries and cheating his taxes.

Despite multiple audits by the former president, they maintained that belief. Evidently, all of us believed that the IRS (the same IRS which targeted conservatives under Barack Obama), was a right-wing front organization protecting Trump at all cost.

So, it seems that Trump’s tax claims were absurd and nonsensical. House Democrats released their report on the matter and voted to release actual returns.

This bombshell is yours!

According to the New York Times investigation Trump had reported large losses for years. However, a remarkable reversal in fortune occurred during Trump’s second term. This led to a substantial tax bill according to Tuesday’s report by the Joint Committee on Taxation.

Trump’s federal income tax payments of $1.1 million in 2018 and 2019, respectively, are stark in comparison to his $750 in 2017 and $0 2020.

Are you implying that Trump’s financial fortunes changed depending on the year? He didn’t have to pay income taxes during the years when his losses exceeded his gains. This is a shocking turn of things. This is a shocking turn of events. We should spend the next week on it, pretending that it’s not a big scandal.

This is the short version of Trump’s actions. He did nothing beyond the limits of the current tax system. The current tax system is a sham and it benefits the super-wealthy. Although I may agree with that, it is not what we were promised. We were promised Russian collusion, and numerous frauds. It is not where it should be.

The press will continue to act as though this was all big news, but it isn’t. Trump’s refusal to release his taxes was never about tweaking the left for their demands. He might have made them stop if they had. Trump refused to surrender once they declared war on them. This is not Trump’s style.

Now, hundreds years of precedent are broken. A private citizen’s tax returns were seized by congressional partisans and released to them for embarrassment. This was not a legitimate investigation or legislative role. They did it for what purpose? To prove that Trump is a businessman who uses the tax code as any other?

I hope the Republicans will retaliate in this term. Hunter Biden’s taxes would be a great surprise to me. I would also like to see the taxes of the many Democrat Congressmen who make less than $200K a month. This type of intrusion cannot be ignored. Democrats broke the system and should now be targeted.