Ukrainian’s Defend Their Country While Russia Attacks Over Twelve Towns


Vladimir Putin’s Ukrainian venture seems to be working for the time being. According to the Ukrainian defense ministry, there is some resistance but the invasion is still going on.

One such area is the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, which surrounds the nuclear plant and was the site of the most devastating nuclear accident in human history.

New York Times: The National Guard troops charged with protecting the storage unit for radioactive waste are resisting every attempt, according to Anton Herashchenko (an adviser to the interior minister). Herashchenko stated that radioactive dust could be spread across Ukraine, Belarus, and other countries in the European Union if an artillery shell hits the storage unit.

Joe Biden will speak to the nation at 12:20 EST. He’s currently in a teleconference, with the so-called Group of 7 – the seven largest economies in the world – and is planning to coordinate a response to Putin’s naked aggression.

Putin believes that threats and bluster will make Biden appear weaker than NATO. A rambling speech that Mr. Putin gave to the world on Thursday was full of historical grievances, accusations of an inexorable Western plot against his country, and he reminded them that Russia is one of the most powerful nuclear powers with a distinct advantage in many cutting-edge weapons. The speech of Mr. Putin, which was intended to justify the invasion, appeared to be close to nuclear war. Putin stated that Russia’s nuclear arsenal was a clear indicator of the possibility of an aggressor. He also said that it is certain that any attack on our country will result in defeat.

Putin is a complete commie when he revives the old Societ paranoid conspiracy theory regarding a Western plot to attack Russia. These bogus plots against the Soviet Union led to millions of Russians being executed or sent to Gulags.

It’s not that the charge is completely bogus. The point is that Russians will remember what happened to ordinary citizens who did not follow the rules and will be appropriately cowed.

Putin’s nukes are not necessary. No NATO country has ever suggested that Ukraine be defended with NATO troops. These blood-chilling threats could be a sign that Putin is trying to demonstrate how ineffective NATO is, or that Putin has lost touch of reality and sees enemies around every corner and shadow.

According to the Pentagon, Russian forces are now moving into Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine in an attempt to overthrow the government. The government of President Zelensky is certain to have made contingency plans for where to go in the event of an attempt to destabilize the government. It almost certain that it will be outside Ukraine. There will be no hiding place for the 190,000 Russian troops that have overrun Ukraine.

NATO is, as you would expect, spinning its wheels.

According to the Wall Street Journal, North Atlantic Treaty Organization Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg referred to Russia’s attack as a deliberate and cold-blooded invasion that has been planned for years. This is a clear violation of international law. He stated that leaders from NATO’s 30 members would meet virtually Friday to discuss how to proceed following Russia’s military attack. He said that NATO partners Finland, Sweden, and European Union leaders will all join the summit. Stoltenberg stated that NATO activated its defense plan on Thursday. This is a set of previously established guidelines that gives military commanders more authority to deploy troops where necessary, within a specified limit and allows the alliance to move force faster.

Joe Biden failed to stop Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and the ensuing regime change. This failure will have both short-term and long-term consequences.

According to Financial Times, A serious economic crisis between Russia and the West will have severe economic consequences for Europe as well as the US. Energy prices had soared even before the conflict. Russia cut off gas supplies to Europe will have a devastating effect on consumers and the industry. Direct effects will be felt in the countries most dependent upon Russian gas, such as Germany and Italy. However, the entire west could fall into recession or inflation. Putin is more susceptible to public opinion than western leaders. Even though NATO has stated its intention to remain out of the war against Ukraine, there is still the possibility that the conflict could escalate. The possibility that the Russian air force might chase the Ukrainians into Polish territory is one of the concerns western leaders are worried about. This could result in direct clashes between Russia and Poland, a member of NATO. Russian airstrikes could also result in the deaths of Americans and Europeans who are still living in Ukraine. This would increase pressure on their governments for a response.

Biden could have announced the additional sanctions today a month ago when it became obvious that Putin was planning to go to war. We won’t know for sure if Putin was able to pull back from the brink by imposing severe economic sanctions on Russia.

Biden is a coward, who let a dictator get the better of him and the U.S.