Criminal Case Against Donald Trump Crumbles


Surprisingly, top New York prosecutors who were pursuing criminal charges against Donald Trump have abruptly resigned. After Alvin Bragg, Manhattan District Attorney, expressed doubts about the case’s ability to proceed, the top prosecutors in New York pursuing criminal charges against Donald Trump have suddenly resigned. Notable is the fact that Bragg is a far-left figure and rejects any claims of Trump’s political favoritism.

This article is from The New York Times. You can feel the pain in every word.

Bragg’s predecessor, who was appointed a grand jury last fall and received much attention from the media, had accelerated the probe. Although the case seemed to be proceeding as planned once Bragg was elected, these resignations are a sign of a major internal shift. Bragg’s doubts regarding the case’s progress indicate that he doesn’t believe there is enough evidence to convict. Remember that prosecutors don’t like to pursue cases they don’t think they can win. I doubt these resignations would have occurred if the criminal case against Trump hadn’t collapsed.

It is extremely disturbing that the prosecutors were so invested in taking down a political rival (don’t misunderstand their political leanings), that they decided to quit their boss, who was left-leaning, anti-Trump, and decided that there wasn’t enough time to go on. These prosecutors seemed determined to bring Trump to trial, even if it meant generating negative headlines for years. This kind of lawfare, which is all that is wrong about our judicial system, is absolutely disgusting.

This news will be followed by a tsunami of left-leaning coercion. There are many probes underway, including one in Atlanta, GA that is going nowhere. However, the New York case was supposed to be the solution, in terms of charging Trump criminally. Long-term dreams of a referral from the January 6th Committee are all that remain. As much as AG Merrick Garland may be a hack, he isn’t going to give Trump a huge win before the 2024 election. He’s just going to lose a bad case.

The walls did not close in the end, at least in this investigation. But the left will not let up. They will continue to witch-hunt other people for as long as possible, and they’ll use the same tactics against any major Republican when Trump is no longer on the national stage. When it comes to criminalizing political opponents, we have long since crossed the Rubicon.