22 Year Old Woman Says Gynecologist Denied Her of Tube Tying Procedure Speaks Out


After claiming that a gynecologist said she couldn’t have the tube tied because she could make a decision and meet “Mr. Right.”

Olivia Downs (22 years old) used the video-sharing app to share what she said a female gynecologist had told her at a Springfield, Massachusetts, tubal ligation consultation.

Tubal ligation, a sterilization procedure used to stop sperm from coming into contact with an egg, is performed. Some doctors may not be able to perform the procedure.

If a woman changes her mind, it can also lead to fertility problems.

Downs stated that the doctor repeatedly said “no” to her during her consultation reenactment. The sterilization procedure is permanent. She said that she was instead given a brochure about copper intrauterine devices (IUD), which had the same efficacy rate but wasn’t what she requested.

Downs’ TikTok video surpassed 2.1 Million Views and generated over 444,900 likes as well as 6,900 comments.

Fox spoke with Downs who is both a full-time neuroscientist and a dental assistant. She said that she didn’t intend to go viral.

Downs stated, “Honestly, it was shocking this video went viral.” “I posted it as a joke and didn’t think it would go viral. But it did.”

She said, “I didn’t realize how large an issue this was, or how many women were in a similar situation and their frustrations — it’s been really eye-opening”.

Downs stated that people are opposed to tubal ligation as they fear that women will regret the procedure.

Downs stated that she has heard from critics calling women “lazy, immature” and “wasting our privilege,” if they do not intend to have children.

Downs stated that she wants critics to listen to the reasons women don’t want children and not get defensive or resort to name-calling.

Downs said that even if someone does change their mind after the procedure, they still have options such as IVF or surrogacy.

“Not to forget, adoption”. Adoption is a great alternative to foster care. There are many children waiting to be adopted into stable homes.

Downs said that not only young women have been denied tubal ligation.

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She said, “The greatest thing I have learned is that it’s not about wanting to have children-free lives. It’s about listening to women.”

“Many of the women who were denied this procedure were either already pregnant or at high risk for pregnancy. They didn’t want it to happen with other birth control methods.”

Downs stated that she realized at 13 that she did not see children in her future and she has not changed her mind.

She said, “The argument that we don’t know what to do or might meet Mr. Right and change our minds is so offensive.” He wouldn’t be Mr.

Fox spoke with Downs, who said she is open to adoption but does not want to have children. She would rather be focused on her career and helping others.

She stated that most people in her family aren’t supportive of her choices.

Downs stated, “I don’t care about the question of why I don’t want to have children as much as I am by the negative response once I’ve told them.”

Downs stated that she does not want doctors or the public to ignore women’s reproductive choices. She also believes it is a backward practice to preserve a woman’s life over the wishes of one who is already living.

She continued, “The notion that a woman’s sole purpose is to be a mother is a very outdated and insulting one.”

“It is sad and disappointing for women who cannot conceive to put their value on this”. “Our ability to reproduce is not what makes us valuable”. “We are still functioning members of society.”

Downs expressed concern about other methods of birth control. She said that they can cause “unpleasant side effects and complications.”

The doctor may have recommended an IUD to her that can cause heavy bleeding or strong cramps during menstruation. This is a side effect that the CDC lists on its Reproductive Health: Intrauterine contraception webpage.

“We are worth more than our ability to reproduce. We are still functioning parts of society.”

— Olivia Downs

According to the CDC, copper IUDs have a failure ratio of 0.8% while tubal ligation, which involves the tying off of cutting fallopian tubes, has a failure ratio of 0.5%.

The CDC also acknowledges hormonal IUDs and pills, shots, patches, rings, cervical caps, diaphragms, or cervical caps, spermicides condoms, cycle monitoring, lactational amenorrhea, male vasectomies, and other birth control methods. All of these have varying efficacy levels.

“If you don’t want to have children, why take the chance of being on birth control that leaves you with a chance at getting pregnant?” Downs said.

“It only leads to more unwanted pregnancies, more suffering, or more difficult decisions for women to take.”

According to the CDC’s National Survey of Family Growth, female sterilization was 18.1%. It was followed by birth control pills (14%), long-acting reversible contraceptives (10.4%), and male condoms (8.4%).

Tubal ligation reversal surgery yields a chance of having successful pregnancies at 50% to 80% and costs $8,685 on average.

According to Healthline medically reviewed articles, some surgeries can be as high as $21,000.

Downs stated, “Overall I think it shouldn’t be so difficult to get a procedure such as this done.” “Women shouldn’t have to go to the ‘doctor shop” to find a provider who will take their concerns seriously”.