83-Year-Old Home Depot Worker Dies After Trying to Stop Serial Shoplifter


Gary Rasor celebrated his 83rd birthday in hospice and passed away shortly afterward. He had been in and out of the hospital after trying to stop a serial shoplifter who was boosting $800 worth of pressure washers from the Home Depot in Hillsborough, N.C., where Rasor had been working for the past nine years.

A video shows Rasor putting his arm out to stop a man he recognized as a habitual thief. The miscreant knocks the elderly man to the concrete floor, where he smacks his head against a large plant pot.

Rasor couldn’t walk after the attack and had a heart attack. Six weeks later, he died.

Shoplifting has been made a profession by Wokester politicians and all across the country district attorneys. Shoplifting goods worth $950 or $1,000 in California and Chicago is considered a misdemeanor, and many police departments will not investigate.

These policies have sparked a Beatlemania-like trend of shoplifting that has swept the country.

Here are some quick facts about the serial purging of goods:

  • Union City, N.J. shoplifting rings were busted selling $135,000 worth of boosted baby formula
  • Shoplifting has led to Walgreens closing 22 of its stores in San Francisco.
  • Eighty thieves ransack a Nordstrom store located in San Francisco and filled 25 getaway cars with booty.
  • Shoplifters have picked a Target in Seattle clean
  • Starbucks has closed 16 stores due to shoplifting, crime, and other reasons

Shoplifting is a growing fashion trend. Lori Lightfoot of Chicago says it’s the shops’ fault.

It’s disappointing that they aren’t doing more to make safety a priority. We still see retailers who won’t have security officers in their stores. They don’t want cameras to be operational at night. They also don’t want high-end bags chained. These purses are attracting organized retail theft units.

Although the suspect in Home Depot has not been arrested, it is believed that he escaped from Home Depot in a white four-door Hyundai Sonata equipped with temporary tags. He is a menace to society, according to Hillsborough police.