A Concerning Picture Emerges on John Fetterman’s Health


We have previously. We previously reported that a New York Times in-depth story on John Fetterman, Democratic Pennsylvania Senate Nominee for the Senate, inadvertently exposed the biggest problem with his campaign. His handlers continue to be cagey and evasive about Fetterman’s post-stroke health and refuse to allow his medical team to speak to the media.

Fetterman has also evaded the issue by telling the Times that his health situation was not open to him. However, that is simply not true. Even the Washington Post editorial board acknowledged Fetterman’s intransigence in a piece.

A new report by the Philly Inquirer claims that Fetterman shared with them the results of a cognitive exam. However, when the Inquirer tried to get the data and speak to the doctor who tested Fetterman to verify the information, Fetterman’s campaign refused to do so (bolded emphasis added to my)

John Fetterman, Pennsylvania Democratic Senate Candidate, stated Thursday that cognitive tests showed his brain functioning normally for someone his age after a May stroke.

After the New York Times first reported the results, the campaign shared them with The Inquirer. They didn’t provide any documentation or make available to the media the speech therapist who administered these tests.

It is not enough to look at test scores to determine if someone can return to work. Croll from Temple says that doctors also take into account the circumstances of strokes, the patient’s recovery, and the responsibilities the patient has at work.

She stated that there is no single way to interpret the scores patients to receive on these assessments.

The Times talked to a doctor who had similar thoughts. He stated that although they were satisfied with the test results, the results still “don’t rule out the possibility that his performance might be lower than before his stroke.”

As I mentioned before, a stroke can be very debilitating and difficult to manage, especially if you are in the middle of a political campaign, where you have to present your case to voters prior to Election Day.

As we approach November, Fetterman is getting closer to winning. This suggests that Oz’s strategy of questioning Fetterman’s ability to serve and pushing back against Fetterman’s “carpetbagger” claims may be paying off. Perhaps because more voters are beginning to realize that Fetterman, his team, and their inability to provide answers about his health or make the doctors available, is very troubling.

It is alarming, just as worrying as Captain Gaffetastic Joe Biden’s habit of hiding in his basement during his presidential campaign. He allowed his handlers to dictate the agenda and speak for him. These concerns were confirmed after he was elected to office. His handlers took control of the leader of the free and all those around him to a new, disturbing level.

Pennsylvania voters are right to be worried after two years of Joe Biden being incoherent and leaving much of the work to others. If he wins, they can also worry about Fetterman. It is not an easy job to be a senator. You must be able to handle all the rigors of the job. This includes answering media questions and being available for hearings and responding to any questions from your constituents. There are also many speeches and traveling involved.

With all that being said, Fetterman’s health is just one of many concerns about Fetterman. Fetterman and his campaign need to answer questions directly from him, answers that they have not been able to provide to journalists and potential constituents.