Democrats Want Biden to Redefine the Term Human Trafficking to Ambush GOP Governors Over Immigration


This is satire. It did not happen. This should not be the case, but it is for biased “fact-checkers” who have to hear it.

Washington, D.C. — A group of prominent Democrats and activists sent an open letter asking President Joe Biden to define “human trafficking” to be used to refer to Republican governors who bus illegal aliens to blue states. This is a response to the Texas governor. Greg Abbott and two buses full of illegal immigrants were sent to the home of Vice President Kamala Haris and the Florida Governor. Ron DeSantis flew 50 people to Martha’s Vineyard. This is where white progressives show their concern for brown immigrants.

The letter stated that Abbott’s actions were being described by the term “human trafficking”, but they have just realized the label was not accurate. “Normally, we don’t care if a label is valid as long as it can be used to smear racist Republicans. But in this instance, we feel it necessary to change the legal definition to stop this absurdity.”

The Democrats who wrote the letter noted that if Homeland Security and the Justice Department redefined illegal alien transportation to blue cities as a crime they could be facing criminal charges.

Perhaps, the executive branch could also include busing migrants into Democrat-run parts of the country as part of its definition. This would allow us to threaten Govs. The letter stated that Abbott, DeSantis, and Ducey could be subject to criminal prosecution if they continue to force us into dealing with the people flooding our cities. Instead of lying about human trafficking, let’s change the definitions to make our lies truthful. They’ll be amazed!

Reporters asked a Democratic staffer, who spoke under anonymity, about President Biden’s habit of shipping illegals across the country at night. This type of change will not apply to the president, according to the staffer.

He insisted that “No, No, see, when WE shuttle migrants all over the country, we’re doing so in a GOOD manner.” Republicans are racist and xenophobic when they do this. It’s also human trafficking.

The move comes as prominent leftists insist that illegal aliens being moved to blue areas of the nation constitute human trafficking, even though a simple Google Search shows that this is not true. This is why Democrats want to change the definition of the term.

“I hope the White House will listen to my suggestions. It’s unacceptable for these Central Americans to continue showing up in our communities. It’s exhausting,” the staffer admitted. “Isn’t that what border towns were made for?”

The White House was not available for comment.