A Conspiracy Theory Dogging Clarence Thomas Even Though He Has Been Ill


You might be aware of another conspiracy theory that involves rabid tinfoil-hats running riot through liberal media. The people who buy it have been fed false Russia collusion stories. They also believe every lie about the evil Orange Man.

This latest one has a dark purpose at its end. It aims to attack Justice Clarence Thomas, and change the Supreme Court while Joe Biden, the Democrats, controls Congress. This is particularly concerning since Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted last week to the hospital with an infection. Since they said he would likely be released from the hospital in a few days, we have not heard anything.

According to conspiracy theories, Thomas’ wife Ginni was accused by him of trying “to overthrow” the election. He attached her to the Jan.6 Riot and claimed that it would force Justice Thomas out.

The Washington Post published an article that mentioned text messages sent by Mark Meadows and Ginni Thomas to the Jan.6 Committee. This is what caused the conspiracy to spin. The WaPo’s interpretation is all that we have. They didn’t prove Thomas did anything wrong with any of the items the WaPo listed. Mark Meadows lawyer George Terwilliger Jr told the WaPo that “[N]othing contained in the text messages poses any legal problems.” This was a consensus view.

But that doesn’t stop the insane spinning the messages further than what’s in the WaPo article. Thomas accuses Meadows of encouraging him to “overturn 2020 election with all means necessary” and “corruption.” ”

What is corruption? The listed texts say there is no illegal discussion. They are just discussions about fraud.

What is the best way to tell if you’re on the wrong side? If Jen Rubin (WaPo’s disgraced Dan Rather) is on an issue, you want to be on the opposing side. It’s possible to impeach Dan Rather or at least smear him once again, although it may not make sense.

Although the effort was delusional, so was Russia’s collusion. It is not surprising that they would attempt another. Clarence Thomas should speak up about the evil done by the left to him and his family. He described the accusation made against him as a high-tech execution.