A New Media Cover Up With The Biden Family Dogs


Monday’s White House announcement said that Commander, the new Biden dog, was being welcomed into the White House. Major was unable to adapt to White House life despite his months of training and consultation with dog experts.

While it was disturbing to hear that the Bidens had given up their older dog for a younger one, I found something interesting in their news coverage

The headlines were misleading. There were minor injuries and instances of biting. These incidents went far beyond what was reported.

These statements are nearly all false. Major was involved with more serious and frequent incidents during the year. Judicial Watch emails released this summer show that Major bit Secret Service personnel eight days consecutively. The White House deliberately concealed the severity of Major’s aggressive behavior.

Emails showed that Biden’s dogs were returned home to Delaware after they had bitten earlier in the year. The White House claims that this was not an intentional move.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton stated that Major is a great dog and that he is a very good person. It is disturbing to see the White House cover-up many injuries sustained by Secret Service personnel by Major, the Bidens pet.

Although the White House covered the scandal, the media continues to repeat White House’s false claims about two minor bites. The media also pretends that the White House did not cover up what happened with Major, Biden’s dog.