NY Gov. Bribes For Mask Mandate Compliance


New York Governor Kathy Hochul declared a statewide mandate for masks a week and a half ago. She placed the burden of enforcement on the individual counties. The mandate is being refused by 37 counties. The mandate was then effectively retracted when she stated last week that she would not force them to comply.

Hochul is still determined to get counties on board with her mandate, and she is currently trying bribery.

The governor declared Monday that $65 million will be made available to New York State counties to cover the costs of administering vaccines and boosters, and the enforcement of the mask-or–vaccine mandate in indoor public places. This directive went into effect last week.

Hochul stated that “Getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent COVID” and that masks are necessary. He said that the funding will allow counties in the state to enforce the mask-or-vax mandate. It is reasonable, responsible, and effective. Hochul was not a fan of Hochul’s statement. The state is taking comprehensive measures to combat this pandemic, and New Yorkers have the tools they need to stay safe. Let’s not spread COVID. Instead, let us spread holiday cheer by being vaccinated and wearing masks indoors.

Most counties will receive $1 million, while larger counties can get up to $2 million. According to the governor’s press release, “Counties that are involved in the enforcement of statewide mask or-vax mandate will qualify for this additional assistance.”

Dr. Mary T. Bassett, acting Department of Health Commissioner, stated that funding should be increased to help local health departments with access to testing and masks and, most importantly, getting vaccinated.