A Preview of What a Gavin Newsom Presidency Would Look Like


Gavin Newsom is gearing up to run for the presidency. California, within its 2022-2023 state budget allocation will be the first state to provide all undocumented immigrants state-subsidized healthcare insurance.

Newsom’s plan is very similar to Bernie Sanders’ single-payer system for health care, “Medicare For All”, except that it will also guarantee healthcare to undocumented individuals. According to The Hill, it will provide state-funded healthcare to eligible residents. It will also cover 700,000 additional undocumented immigrants ages 26 to 49. It will not begin before January 1, 2024.

As it stands now, all those currently without insurance will be covered. Although it is not clear how this will be funded, it is likely to be funded from the state’s surplus and the hard-working taxpayers. It is vital to ensure that everyone has access to health care. However, it should not be the responsibility of citizens who have their own coverage to pay for others’ healthcare.

California’s state capitol is experiencing an explosion in homelessness. Although veteran homelessness has declined, there are still many veterans living in shelters. California leaders Newsom and others are not serious about getting homeless people into treatment or mental health care for those who require it. They also haven’t reduced drug flows into the state due to the open-air market, which allows them to do what they like.

Los Angeles County authorities reported that nearly 2000 homeless people died during the first year due to the pandemic. This was not due to COVID-19, but rather because of drug overdoses. Newsom noted that certain major cities in his state looked like third-world countries.

Crime has been rampant in major cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, thanks to Newsom’s DA George Gascon, who is now recalled, and DA Chesa Bodin, who are both Newsom-backed. If the campaign receives enough verified signatures by July 6, Los Angeles County voters will be able to recall Gascon. Newsom supported prop 47, which reduces theft of drug possession offenses from felonies and misdemeanors.

California is home to the fifth-largest economy in the world, which is a great thing. Gavin Newsom has made California unsafe. There are encampments throughout major cities. The open-air drug market increased its presence. 40 percent of small businesses were forced out by the lockdowns. Newsom’s refusal to suspend the state gas taxes and the Democratic supermajority assembly refusing to suspend it has caused a mass exodus. California’s population fell in 2020 for the first time. It also declined in 2021. For many reasons, people are voting with their feet. California is worth fighting for because the old saying “As goes California so goes the Nation” still holds true today.

Homelessness and crime have increased in every state or city where Newsom has been governor. This is because he seeks to please special interests and not the citizens’ needs and wants. He promises big and bold things but doesn’t deliver. Newsom serves his own interests and will continue to do so. Instead of listening to citizens, Newsom governs by looking down on them.

It’s a Californian saying that a Gavin Newsom presidency would be disastrous for the United States of America.