A Salute to a Firefighting Hero and All the Hero Fathers


Have a wonderful Father’s Day weekend, all dads! Scott’s mother divorced his father when Scott was just seven years old. Tim’s father was no longer in his life. He had a white small business owner as a father figure, along with John Moniz. I was raised without a father. I met Glenn Kirkpatrick, Barbara Kirkpatrick in my late 20s. Glenn’s father’s kindness to me at the time was so wonderful that I asked him if he would walk down the aisle in my wedding.

Fathers are important. Feel-Good Friday this week honors Xavier Dimples. Dimples took to Twitter to thank Jeff Ohs for saving his life and allowing him to have his first child.

We hear many stories about heroes saving lives but we rarely see the lasting effects. Xavier Dimples was just 2 when his house caught fire. Jeff Ohs saved him from the fires. He has been able to see the long-term effects of his actions.

Xavier Dimples eloquently described the events of this day as he viewed pictures taken 23 years earlier.

Jeff Ohs saved me when I was only two years old. Jeff Ohs saved my life when I was two years old.

I’ll never be able repay him for giving me a second chance to live. I can only live my best life to please him and my son. ]

What’s the best part? Ohs met Dimples’ two-year-old child!

It was the introduction of Dimple’s 2-year-old son that brought him to tears. The fireman was saved at the same age when Dimple’s son was 2 years old. ”

Jeff Ohs, a firefighter from California, is an awesome guy. He dedicates his Twitter account to honoring first responders and heroes such as K-9 Heroes. Mynda is a licensed psychologist who works with first responders, families and doggos. The two often work together to encourage and strengthen these everyday warriors.

Ohs continues to advocate for firefighters and offers advice on how to avoid burnout. And alongside his wife Mynda, he helps advise people in relationships with firemen–historically a high-risk profession.

This is a great testament to men such as Glenn Kirkpatrick, John Moniz, and Tim Scott’s grandpa. They can have a huge impact on the lives of others, whether it is saving them from certain deaths, ensuring their financial future, or being a loving dad.