Former Target of DOJ’s Trump Legal Team Reveals Illegal Wiretaps, Alleges Misconduct


Jack Smith is under fire for his prosecutorial misconduct after a former Trump attorney claimed that they violated Donald Trump’s attorney-client privilege. Smith was sanctioned in the past in the case of Rick Renzi, who revealed in an exclusive interview illegal wiretaps of his attorney by the prosecutorial team Smith oversaw.

Renzi was found to be guilty of bribery and extortion, among other things. Renzi pleaded not guilty and received a pardon from Trump after he had pleaded no guilty. Evidence provided by Mayer Brown showed prosecutorial misconduct. Trump’s current prosecutors Jack Smith and David Harbach were more directly involved in the case than initially disclosed.

The former congressman described the “prosecution misconduct” by Smith and Harbach, who tried to exclude prolife jury members because Renzi is a prolife father with 12 children. Renzi, Smith, and Harbach “tainted” his jury pool while trying to exclude them.

Renzi claimed that Smith and other individuals were sanctioned at the very least three times. He said: “First, they illegally tapped my attorney 41 times, they lied about it in court and they did this to breach attorney-client privilege using the crime-fraud exemption. This is what they are doing now on President Trump. ”

Renzi discovered evidence that a member of Smith’s prosecutorial team illegally tapped Renzi’s attorney’s phone 41 times. Renzi found evidence that a member of Smith’s government prosecutorial team illegally wiretapped Renzi’s attorney 41 times.

As shown in the above 2019 legal filing:

After a hearing in 2008 on government misconduct, the district court found that the government had illegally and intentionally recorded hundreds of phone calls between the attorney for Mr. Renzi and the government. Gary Restaino was found to have lied about how the calls were recorded.

Mayer Brown’s report noted “widespread misbehavior”, noting that the government had “illegally and deliberately recorded dozens of confidential telephone calls between Renzi and his lawyer”. The prosecution “lied”, and an agent kept a “compact disk containing a privileged, sensitive call” on his desk for years.

Renzi explained Smith’s guilt for the wiretaps as well as any other prosecutorial misconduct. But, the rule says that if you bring an agent of government to court, all will be held accountable. Everyone is expected to stand up and do what is right once it has been brought before the judge. ”

Restaino, however, was the only one to not do so. Renzi explained that the prosecutors were doubling their efforts. “They wiretapped my attorney 41 times, they were found guilty of lying and Title III wiretap violation, and then they threw away my wiretap. “And when they indicted my attorney, they found him innocent. Renzi’s attorney was vindicated in spite of Jack Smith and his group.

Renzi claimed that he was simply asking a legitimate question. Smith and Harbach, however, claim that Renzi is trying to commit a crime by asking the question. Renzi claimed that it was “normal and proper communication” between an attorney and a client.

Renzi’s not the only one to protest against the violation of attorney-client confidentiality in the Trump case. Breitbart reports that Timothy Parlatore, who worked until recently as a criminal defense attorney for Donald Trump said Jack Smith’s staff crossed a “red line” when Parlatore testified before a Grand Juror. What are the lawyer’s complaints?

Parlatore stated that he believed that “it was obvious that the government had not acted appropriately and that they made several inappropriate efforts to penetrate the privilege and, to my mind, made a number of important misstatements before [the grand]jury, which I believe constitutes prosecutorial misconduct.” Jack Smith’s team was not charged with prosecutorial malpractice in the Renzi case.

Renzi claims that the question Trump posed has been used wrongly to attack him. They did it in my case, too. The former Congressman said that the FBI had a history of attempting to “destroy attorney-client privilege communications” against Republicans including Renzi and Trump.