Actor Jeremy Renner Was Helping A Family Member Stuck In The Snow When He Was Ran Over By Snowplow


After helping a relative who was stuck in the snow on a private road close to his Reno, Nevada residence, actor Jeremy Renner was struck by his snowplow. According to police, Renner was the victim.

The incident took place at 9:15 AM on January 1.

Darin Balaam (Washoe County Sheriff) gave new details during a briefing with media on Tuesday.

Balaam said, “Mr. Renner’s personal car, which was being driven by a relative, had become stuck in the snow near his home. ”

“Mr. Renner tried to move his car by taking out his Piston Bully, or Snowcat which was a large snow-removal tool that weighed at most 14,330lbs,” Balaam stated, “Mr. Renner was capable of towing his car from its current location.”

“At this point, the Piston Bully started to roll. Renner stated that he tried to get in the Piston Bully’s driver seat to stop it from rolling. Our investigation revealed that this is when Renner is struck by the Piston Bully.

Renner was admitted to the hospital in a “stable, but critical” condition.

Balaam said that investigators did not believe Balaam was impaired prior to the accident. They also took possession of the snowplow in order to determine why it wouldn’t roll.

He stated, “We don’t suspect any foul play.” “We believe this was an unfortunate accident. ”

The actor posted a picture of himself in the hospital to his Instagram account.


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He wrote, “Thanks to all of you, for your kind words. ”

Renner’s spokesperson said that Renner had suffered blunt and severe chest trauma as well orthopedic injuries.

Renner is best known for his portrayal as Hawkeye in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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