The Two-Faces of Ronna McDaniel


My colleague said it perfectly: McDaniel, a woman who plays while the Republican Party burns. She is currently RNC Chair. Fox News asked her about the House Speaker vote. How would Kevin McCarthy get the 218 votes he needs?

We previously reported McCarthy being set on fire twice in the first session of Congress’s 118th Congress. McCarthy was able to increase his opposition from five to twenty during this period.

Perhaps someone is needed in the room, but I digress…

McDaniel said in a media interview, that Republicans who refuse to unite behind McCarthy as Speaker of the House make it look bad.

What can you not say? A third person must read the room.

She sees McCarthy and, by being near her, her as the ones responsible for the small House majority. Therefore, he should be receiving a coronation and not obstruction from 20 renegade Republicans.

McDaniel stated that he was currently in Michigan and that he had spoken to someone who said it made the party look horrible. ”

They said, “We just elected Republicans to the House.” “Why can’t you guys unite?” “It is a division to cherish. ”


McDaniel looks unhappy. Perhaps she is losing sleep thinking that McCarthy’s problems might be hers in a few weeks. This shows that she has not been able to recognize her role and why she shouldn’t be reelected RNC chair.

McCarthy’s shillings are especially disgusting since he has been serving himself for decades and being jockeyed for second strings for many decades.

“I’ll tell you this: In 2024, we have a big task to take back the White House. The Senate map becomes infinitely more favorable and we must keep it that way. ”

McDaniel, McCarthy, and Trump “unified” and entertained around electoral integrity. Nobody knows where the money went.

Perhaps her most remarkable comment was that she blamed GOP infighting for the loss of the midterm election.

“I believe this is the most important message from this midterm. Look at all the split votes. You can see the states in which Republicans refused to vote against other Republicans. We didn’t win the victories we desired in this election because of Republican-on-Republican infighting.

This is a problem I believe is affecting our Speaker election. A Speaker must be elected.

It could be a very interesting January 27th in Dana Point California. Who is she going to blame? Will she really be committed to changing the American public’s perception of her victory? Or will she go back to wearing expensive workout clothes bought with member and donor money?