Adam Kinzinger Does in His Committee With Tantrum About Jan. 6 Footage


I previously wrote about Rep. Adam Schiff (D. CA), panicking at Tucker Carlson’s access to thousands of hours of Jan. 6 footage by House Speaker Kevin McCarthy. He was clearly in complete control when he started spreading Russian conspiracy theories.

Schiff wasn’t the only ex-member in the Jan. 6 Committee’s partisan witch hunt.

Adam Kinzinger has resigned from Congress but is throwing fits. They wanted to control narratives to promote their political agenda and denigrate President Donald Trump before the midterms.

Kinzinger’s comment seemed desperate and absurd. It also showed how empty the Jan. 6 Committee was.

“So Kevin McCarthy shared the surveillance footage, not with the rest of congress, investigators, or anyone like that,” Kinzinger whined. “It was
@TuckerCarlson. The “elisestefanik’ing” of McCarthy has been breathtaking, and not the man I thought I knew before Trump. Lies lies lies.”

Wait, wasn’t he in Congress? Democrats under Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, had access to all this information. They had it. They were allowed to release it.

I doubt Kinzinger realizes the absurdity and intrinsic value of his comment.

Kinzinger, like Schiff, is clearly upset and nervous about the whole thing.

If Trump cared about transparency, they would have posted the footage. Kinzinger can’t help but weep when he exposes the failures of his Committee.