Adam Kinzinger Picks Fight With Thomas Massie Over Ray Epps, Massie Finishes It


Disgraced former Congressman-turned-Twitter keyboard warrior Adam Kinzinger took to the popular social media platform Monday to rise to the defense of Ray Epps, who appeared on “60 Minutes” Sunday, where a predictably sympathetic portrayal of his actions on the day of the Capitol riot took place.

Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., who commented on Epps’ “interview”, raised, as he had done before, several questions that people wanted answered about Epps’ role in the January 6, 2021 events:

“Ray Epps was the only person that I saw on video January 5th or 6th, urging people to enter the Capitol. He boasted in a text on January 6th that he was the one who orchestrated this. Why are the democrats, and the media, portraying him as a victim? So bizarre.”

Since that day, it is not only Democrats and the Media who have sounded the victim’s cries about Epps. Kinzinger and other NeverTrumpers have done the same thing, for reasons that he still hasn’t explained.

Massie’s tweet led Kinzinger to defend Epps once again. Kinzinger continues, strangely, to portray Epps unfairly as a victim of a Republican smear.

Kinzinger, who tweeted on Monday night: “I hope that he sues,” said. You have destroyed a man who trusted you. You are a sick person.”

Massie, like many others was confused about Kinzinger’s claim Epps had “trusted” you and asked him to clarify it.

Kinzinger responded with a laughable accusation that Massie was a “sellout” and claimed in so many words, without any evidence, that Epps was “caught in a conspiracie” that wasn’t of his own creation:

You understand exactly what I am saying. Ted, you and MTG gained the trust of others and him when you claimed that the election had been stolen.

They went to the 6th of January. You’re delighted to spread the word when Ray is caught up in an elaborate conspiracy. Tom, you’re not stupid. You are just a liar.

Massie didn’t let Kinzinger get away with his accusation in an updated version of the story. Massie presented Kinzinger with the receipts on Tuesday, to remind him that he did not contest the election results, and that he also had advised conservatives to refrain from coming to Washington, D.C., to protest the results:

Kinzinger’s response showed his defeat. He pulled out a random post from a social media user and blamed Massie for what was said.

Massie smashed Kinzinger’s BS arguments and all Kinzinger could do was to pull a random Twitter comment and blame Massie. We could also try to link some of Kinzinger’s fringe supporters’ comments with him.

It’s all very stupid, but this is what happens to someone like Kinzinger who’s 15 minutes of fame ended when the J6 Committee final “report”, which was then buried, was released.

He’s now reduced to trolling former colleagues of his on Twitter for attaboys or RTs by members of the Very Online Left, and partisan media figures, who, outside of his Trump/GOP bashing, do not give a damn about what Adam Kinzinger has to say.

Massie is right to keep raising the issue of Epps involvement in the Capitol Riot (and his continued defense of him). This includes whether Epps acted in a “informant role” with a federal organization, which the FBI would deny, but only if they weren’t under oath.