Adam Schiff Expresses Frustration Over Delayed Prosecution of Trump by Justice Department


Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, criticized the Justice Department for what he perceives as sluggishness in indicting and prosecuting former President Donald Trump, while also condemning Trump for attempting to delay his trial.

Though Schiff asserts that his critiques stem from a pursuit of justice, it’s evident that politics heavily influences the situation.

Schiff voiced these concerns during an appearance on CNN’s State of the Union, where the host raised Schiff’s disagreements with Merrick Garland regarding the handling and timing of the investigation into the former President.

The lawmaker highlighted that the Justice Department waited at least a year before broadening its investigation beyond the Capitol intruders to examine those who instigated the attack.

He expressed apprehension that the case against Trump might extend beyond the election, indicating a belief that the delay could affect the timing of the trials.

Schiff mentioned that when indictments were issued, there was sufficient time to expedite the cases, attributing any delays now to Trump’s legal team.

However, let’s be frank here.

Schiff’s frustration with the pace of legal proceedings likely stems from the impending presidential elections. His motives may not purely revolve around seeking justice against the former president. Like his political allies, he likely hopes that indictments will sway the outcome of the presidential race.

Democrats perceive a potential conviction of Trump as advantageous to President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects. Indications from surveys conducted by NBC News and NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist suggest that Biden’s popularity could indeed increase if Trump were convicted.

With polls showing a tight race between Trump and Biden, Democrats are keen to expedite the legal proceedings. However, delaying trial results may not significantly impact the election outcome if Trump’s indictment is perceived as politically motivated.