After 10-Year Drought, One California GOP Candidate Predicts Big Surprises in November


On Wednesday, I had the privilege of speaking with Mark Meuser, a Republican fresh off his historic primary win.

Meuser stated that this was the first time that a Republican was on the California Senate ballot in ten years. He said that despite the fact that a Democrat decided to invest $ 4 million of his own money in his race to split the Democrat vote, Meuser believes that it was a good idea to do so. California’s “Jungle Primary”, which only allows the top two vote-getters regardless of party to advance to the November ballot, is unique. It often sees two Democratic Party candidates competing in deep-blue California.

Rarely does a Republican make it through the Jungle Primary to the U.S. Senate? Meuser will become the first Republican senator elected to California since Pete Wilson was reelected in 1988.

The feat is even more remarkable when you consider that Meuser had two races to pass last Wednesday in order to complete the term left vacant by Kamala Harris’ departure to the White House. Padilla was elected to fill the term (November to January) as well as for re-election for six additional years.

Meuser wasn’t intimidated by recent Republican history in the state. Meuser was able to cycle through all 58 western counties by bicycle, which is a testament to his commitment to fighting for American freedoms after the pandemic.

Meuser saw unelected bureaucrats dictate edicts via emergency powers in 2020, as the pandemic hit. Meuser jumped into action, saying that he was “one of the most prominent attorneys fighting against COVID mandates.” These constitutional violations resulted in him being “involved” in 22 lawsuits against Newsom over his unconstitutional power use as a result of COVID-19.

Meuser said, “Talking to people in the Hispanic Community I tend to understand that the Hispanics know that the Democrats don’t represent them anymore but…the Republican brand in California isn’t good.” “Florida and Texas have campaigns that are actively trying to get the Republican message to them. Meuser intends to do this in California. Meuser said that while Hispanics dislike the Democrat policies they don’t understand the Republican plan. It is crucial that we communicate with the Hispanic community. This will allow us to see that they are looking for solutions.

Republicans need to reach blue dog Democrats, independents, and other voters who voted Democratic in 2020. However, Republicans must also reach out to them. We all know that Harry Truman said, “The buck stops here.” Biden, a progressive, points fingers at everyone and anything except himself.

He stated, “It is Biden’s administration that is causing these oil and gas problems. He said, “It’s Biden’s administration that’s causing these problems with oil and gas. We all know Joe Biden is failing America. Californians are being cheated by Democrats.

The Democratic Party is also shaming parents. Meuser stated that his parents had talked to him about their plans for voting for candidates who would fight for their education.

Many of the traditional “Democratic base” members are realizing the progressive agenda behind every Democratic program. Many of the “Democratic base”‘s traditional members are now realizing the progressive agenda behind every Democratic policy. Can he win in November? That’s the short answer.

Alex Padilla has shown that he is nothing but a rubber stamp for Newsom’s and Biden’s failed policies, which have destroyed the once golden state, economy, and lives of voters. It should be clear in the messaging that the Democrats are failing and the concrete plans to fix it.

It will be hard. But Meuser stated, “We have a tough battle ahead of us, but the more glorious it makes the victory.” Meuser has proven that he is not afraid of taking on any challenge.