Jordan Peterson Calls A Model Beautiful, Hilariously Causing Fury Among the Left Again


Jordan Peterson cannot tweet without inciting a rage from the left. But that’s what happens when you don’t follow the politically correct line of the outrage mob. Peterson appears to have fun with the things that anger the left, but it’s hard to not be annoyed when there is so much hatred.

Peterson has made Twitter a “smash-or-pass” game to make it more fun. The internet was abuzz when the good doctor commented that Yumi Nu, Sports Illustrated’s new swimsuit model, wasn’t very beautiful because of her obesity. He also said that any authoritarians trying to force “big is beautiful” on people will not change this.

Fast forward to last Thursday, when Paige Spiranac, a golfer and Instagram model was named Maxim magazine’s “sexiest women alive.” Naturally, Peterson added his comment.

Peterson tweeted, “Ok, She might be beautiful.”

Although I won’t post the responses to Peterson’s tweets, you can bet the backlash isn’t so pretty. Peterson is a rare type of person who attracts anger that is not felt by other people who criticize mainstream culture.

Spiranac is objectively beautiful, as I explained in my article on Peterson’s first dust-up. Peterson doesn’t have it all wrong. However, being a blonde-haired woman with an asymmetrical face and large…tracts of land is likely to make those in woke culture mad at her or with people who find her beautiful.

We are biologically wired for someone like Spiranac to be beautiful. I don’t mean just men or women. Let me quote SQonline’s science:

It may seem odd that beauty can have an objective quality after a lifetime of being told: that “beauty is subjective”. Science supports the notion that beauty can be objectively assessed in order to understand the evolution of beauty. A meta-analysis of 919 studies found that beauty standards are fairly consistent across cultures and within each culture, which proves that there are certain universally preferred characteristics (3). Health, symmetry, facial color, and between-eye distance are all important factors that make a face attractive. Attractive faces can also be considered familiar as they match the features of the rest of the population, particularly when it comes down to proportions (5).

This means that women desire to be beautiful and men desire to be with beauty.

Peterson, ever the logical and scientific man, is speaking the truth. Spiranac is beautiful and thousands of years of this being confirmed by our race isn’t going to suddenly stop because the leftist mob said it should. This isn’t to say that women who don’t look like Spiranac can’t be considered beautiful. Body types vary and the vast majority of women aren’t going to achieve the sculpted and toned body of Spiranac. Some may not prefer the tall blond, but the shorter brunette or the quirky redhead. Some may even prefer a less toned body than many models display.

I know I do.

But, in the end, beauty has a standard around which it all revolves, and modern anger won’t cause instinct to disappear.