Alabama Nail Bomber’s Appearance Shocks as It Matches Every Expectation


A nail bomb exploded outside the Alabama Attorney-General’s Office in Montgomery on February 24th. It’s unlikely you heard about it anywhere else since it did not cause any harm to anyone.

In the early morning hours of Saturday, February 24, an explosive device exploded outside the Alabama Attorney General’s Office in Montgomery. The explosion fortunately did not cause any injuries to staff or personnel. “The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is leading the investigation and we urge anyone with any information to contact them as soon as possible,” said AG Steve Marshall.

Recently, they caught the man responsible and he looked exactly as you thought. Kyle Calvert, a self-described “trans nonbinary”, and Antifa activist, vandalized government buildings and then set and detonated the bomb in the early morning hours of February 25. This was the day following Alabama’s controversial ruling on in-vitro fertilization.

The Post Millennial went into more detail and noted that according to a U.S. attorney’s memo: “That device had characteristics of an IED and Calvert added a significant number of nails and shrapnel to increase its destructive ability.”

Calvert posted on TikTok that he supported Hamas and compared them to patriots fighting for American independence during the Vietnam War, as well as the South Vietnamese. (This is strange because it would seem a leftist would support the North but we are talking about Antifa).

Despite this, a motive for the murder has yet to be determined, but Calvert, as described by, was a strange guy in general.

Calvert, who wore all black and suffered from mental health problems related to violent impulses, never spoke or made eye contact with anyone in the workplace (his last job lasted just a little over a week).

“I am violent by nature, or I have violent impulses.” Others might call these thoughts intrusive, while others might simply call them violent impulses. In a social media video, Calvert stated that we don’t talk enough about the difficulty of violent people in overcoming their violent impulses.

The man faces a minimum five-year sentence and a maximum of 20 years, with no parole possibility. He is currently held without bond.

Calvert reminds me a little of Jason Lee Willie who, as a trans woman, openly threatened online to kill or molest children. Since he was in Illinois they let him go two days later because he did not threaten any specific schools.

He was arrested again after pleading guilty in a plea bargain to one of the 14 charges. This got him five years in prison.

Tell me again that these people want to be left alone.