White House’s Hilarious Blunder: Efforts to Clean Up After Biden Mistake Reach Epic Proportions


Joe Biden has told a lot of unbelievable stories over the last three years. I have lost count of the number of falsehoods and tall tales he has told. There’s his constant confusion as well, where he makes mistakes because he doesn’t seem to know what is going on.

Not only does this pose a challenge for Joe Biden but also for his team. They will have to explain the situation or attempt to fix it. It’s not possible to just tell us that he is having serious problems because it would ruin his chances of winning the election. They have to make up some of the worst excuses to cover him.

Joe Biden, during his press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister on Wednesday, not only did he forget who he had to call, but he also read straight from his notes and said some whoppers. He even got the century wrong. It takes some effort. He was asked about Arizona’s law on abortion that went into effect after the Civil War.

Biden’s bad policies and other problems are enough to make me think that no one wants to vote for someone who does not know the century in which they live.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House press secretary, reaffirmed her absurdity when James Rosen of Newsmax asked her about Joe Biden’s comment. Hear her explanation for what Biden said. She says he “obviously,” was talking about “2024.”

Rosen would not accept this and corrected her: “Actually he was speaking about the 20th Century as I recall.”

She cannot respond by saying “Mmmm mmhmm okay.”

Biden made it very clear in his own words that he meant the century. Both in the context of this question and the subsequent remarks. This is what KJP wants us to believe. We’re supposed to accept it, pretend he is normal, and that these responses to cover him are normal – when none of this is normal. Not only does he have all these issues, but they also treat us in this manner with such explanations and expect people to vote for it. The Democrats are a bunch of liars. They will say anything to keep themselves in power.

Biden’s low polling is because Americans are hip.