Alarming Trend: Foreign Nationals Probing Military Bases While Commander-in-Chief Naps


CNN reports that we won’t forget KJP’s statement that it was “inappropriate for anyone to assume” that President Biden needs to nap. This is especially true since Joe Biden told Democratic Governors just two days earlier that he would no longer schedule events after 8 pm so that he could sleep. While Biden is catching up on some ZZZs, America’s enemies are working hard to bring death and devastation to America.

Since the beginning of the month, the public has become aware of an alarming trend: foreigners trying to infiltrate U.S. bases and spy on the homes of senior officers. The Navy acknowledged this when Admiral Daryl Caudle sat with Bill Hemmer, Fox News’ America’s Newsroom, and discussed the issue:

According to the base protocol, every driver and passenger older than 16 years old in each vehicle approaching the gate must show identification. Active duty servicemen, their dependents, and civilian contractors with authorization to enter the installation must present a DOD ID card which, when scanned by the handheld device of the sentry, will produce a matching image.

Visitors must register at an actual brick-and-mortar facility located just outside of the gate. This usually involves a photo, digital fingerprints, background checks, and a DOD ID card-holder who will act as a sponsor. Visitors are then required to present their government-issued identification and permission slip in front of their sponsor. The sponsor will also show their ID at the gate.

Anyone who approaches the gate without proper identification is escorted through the barricades and then sent back to the world of freedom. In the ten years that I have been visiting military bases, I have personally seen dozens of cars and vans, including legitimate delivery drivers who were new to the route. I’ve also seen cyclists being turned away. No ID, no entry. Expired ID, no entry. Sob story excuse, no entry.

You know if you have a connection with a military base. You don’t need to know if you have no connection to any military bases. Why, then, does the Navy stop foreigners “two or three times a week”?

Joe Biden, as Commander-in-Chief, is ultimately responsible for ensuring the safety and security of our military personnel. There are some good opinions from the 13 Gold Star Families who made the Abbey Gate in Kabul. Afghanistan.

Biden’s refusal to close our borders has led to this disturbing trend on American soil.

Some of the most patient and stoic members of the military have turned away males who are posing as students, delivery drivers, military history lovers, or tourists. It’s no wonder that President Trump keeps Biden’s border catastrophe and its many consequences in the forefront of his election campaign. A defined and recognized boundary is one of the characteristics that define a sovereign nation.

We’ve seen President Biden disregard privacy, security, and safety about the U.S. border he has “deliberately wiped out” over and over again:

  • Chinese spy balloons can float by like a wind-blown cloud;
  • The human trafficking of terrorists to our country is a problem only after they are inside.
  • Biden does not even properly name the illegal thugs that raped or murdered American citizens. They entered without any prior vetting, were arrested, and then released.
  • The Department of State received so many applications that it issued 7.1 million visas without interviews.

Imagine the horrors that could occur if enemies of our country and freedoms gained access to military bases. It is a scary situation to imagine, but thankfully we do not have to. The sentries (unlike some in the current administration), know what’s at stake and will not kowtow down to DEI or political politeness. The very reason they’re willing to sacrifice their lives is beyond those gates.